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    Baritone String recommendation

    I recently completed a tenor and used a mixed set of strings, Thomastik-infeld wound for the G and C, and alliance saverez for E and A. Any recommendations for something similar for a baritone? Thanks
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    If you are not already watching this then you probably should be.
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    Waterslide tranfers

    I'm thinking of experimenting with creating some waterslide decals with an inkjet printer to use on headstocks. Does anyone have any experience they can share? Thanks Brian
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    Bandsaw recommendation (UK)

    After building a kit or two I seem to have a need to build more ukuleles. I'm collecting some wood and have sourced a bending iron and was thinking a bench top band saw would be a worthwhile addition to my work room. Space limitations limit me to bench top size. My budget is up to £200 though...