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    WTB: KAMAKA tenor HF3---Based on Europe

    Hi, guys. I am looking for a used kamaka tenor in Europe market. Both HF3 HF3D HF3D2 models are wanted. Thank you.
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    WTB: RISA Tenor stick

    looking for a second hand RISA tenor stick. thanks
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    4 Hawaii "K" brand ukuleles, which is your favourite?

    4 Hawaii "K" brand ukuleles, which is your favourite? Kanilea Koolau Kamaka Koaloha
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    FS: Lanikai lk-1sc super concert made by Kanilea

    Aloha everyone,
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    if Kanilea can be installed for Fishman AG passive pickup?

    Hi, all. I want to install my kanilea K1 tenor a Fishman AG passive pickup. However, after checking from the Internet, I found that: The pick up can be installed only if ukulele is big enough to cope with the 2.3mm width, and that the G to A string spacing is no more than 42.44mm! (from Fishman...
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    FS:Kanilea k1D (Position:Europe)

    Hi, I am selling my Kanilea K1D ukulele.
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    WTB:Islander tenor ukulele (Position: Europe)

    Hi, all I want to buy a second hand Kanilea Islander tenor ukulele, both solid or laminate are all OK for me. I am in Europe. Thanks, JD
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    WTB: Tenor Ukulele

    Hi, all I am looking for a tenor ukulele from 400 dollars to 800 dollars. If you have one want to sell, please send me PM. Thank in advance.
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    Looking for a Koa Tenor, I am in Europe

    Hi, all. I want to buy a tenor one by solid KOA. Anyone can support some resources? I am in Pisa, Italy. I have already one KALA ACOV, but now i fall in love with finger style. It seems to push me to buy a tenor one. Best regards, JD