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  1. covernment

    hearing yourself as you record

    in garageband theres a function that lets you listen to yourself as you record, i was wondering if windows had a software that cold do the same. not worried if its free or not just want to know so i could get it one day. thanks :)
  2. covernment

    coverting a uke, into a bass uke?

    just a question if i got a tenor or baritone uke and got bass uke strings and switched them out would it sound ok? i really want a bass uke but the only one i can find online is 400 big ones and i dont have that kinda money to spend :/. the only problem i see would be the bass strings being too...
  3. covernment

    beat it solo

    Beat It- Michael Jackson (Solo) i want to try it, but i havent even heard it on ukulele and cant find a video. can someone help me figure it out?
  4. covernment

    boy girl duets?

    anyone know any songs on uke that are boy girl duets? may be performing at my schools bash on the grass with a female uke player so we need ideas. thanks :D
  5. covernment

    amazing day :)

    so just wanted to tell some one, today was a great day had a ukulele jam session at lunch in my schools court yard getting over my fear of singing in front of people, finally played my favorite song ever from beginning to end on ukulele with minimum stops, and will have another jam on monday :)...
  6. covernment

    pick a song :)

    so ive been practicing hard to have a video up on my youtube channel by the end of the month but i have to pick my first song :o can yall vote please? middle of nowhere by hot hot heat- shut up and let me go by the ting tings-...
  7. covernment

    its a covernment nation.

    hey yall new member here, decided to take a crack at ukulele after watching julia nunes' videos on youtube. decided to make my own channel there, covernment also, doing covers of my fav songs been playing for a little over a week now and learned 4 songs already (only b/c this is all i do now...
  8. covernment

    moving units?

    have you heard of them? do you like them? well ive been playing ukulele for a little over a week and and making good progression' i love it! but i cant find any ukulele tabs/chords for them anywhere :(. if theres someone else who loves them as much as i do and is good at converting tabs/chords...