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    Shellac containers?

    I dissolve in a jar, then filter/funnel into a polycarbonate or glass sauce bottle for use. I leave the diffuser thingy in place as I like the control it gives when metering out the dose to the muneca. The plastic diffuser seems to prevent the cap from welding on. The tall thin bottle profile...
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    StewMac Concert Uke Kit Bracing Issue

    Found it. There's a lot of wide open space on that sound board. I'm not encouraging you to do this, but there will be less vacant space on your concert sound board. If I can be strictly objective, for a tenor I would likely now go for the extra full fan, and a wider three fan spread. If you look...
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    Beerbelly's SG ukulele build

    I 'borrowed' the design for mine from a book. The arms were cut from two pieces of half-inch ply, with the shaft channels dadoed out on the table saw before being glued together. The shafts were cut from aluminium plate using a fine blade on the table saw. The stress points on the arms are...
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    VIDEO- Rubner tuners review and tips for installing

    A Gilet Western Australian Sheoak 000 with slotted headstock and curly Koa binding.
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    VIDEO- Rubner tuners review and tips for installing

    Hi Beau, I tracked down the Tassie Myrtle OOO and took a few snapshots in less than helpful lighting conditions. They should be good enough to help you remember the instrument. The owner ran through a magical Michael Fix original as a 'sound check'... it sounds as good as it looks. I will do a...
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    Neck Grain Direction

    A few wood/plywood home-made creations …. crude but effective.
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    Help with keeping a simple uke in tune

    This is an example of the type of tailpiece that I am referring to. Note that the right-angle locks over the rim preventing rotation.