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  1. tumnusLOVE

    Merry christmas!

    Hope everyone has a great holiday!
  2. tumnusLOVE

    Ukulele and Screamo.

    I'm playing on December 17th in Romeo, Michigan at 7:00 PM if anyone is around that area. I will have a few ukulele songs, of course. A good friend of mine, Jilian Linklater, is playing, as well. She's a master at the uke. Then, some screamo bands are playing! It's going to be quite the...
  3. tumnusLOVE

    Misty Miller

    A friend sent me this video a few days ago and I'd love to share it with you all. I think she's fantastic. ________ Medical Marijuana Dispensary
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    Who -- Original

    Here's one of my newer songs. I'd love some feedback! Sorry the guitar it so hard to hear. ________ GLASS WEED PIPE
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    I sing quite loud, so my video sometimes have distortions. I'm looking for a cheaper USB mic to use for my videos (and quite possibly garageband recordings). What do you all recommend? ________ F9
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    Piano song.. converted to uke!

    It's by Jose Vanders and it's called "Man on Wire." You can find it on her myspace, if you want to listen to the piano version. I'd really know if anyone was the listening type of learning and could help me find the chords. Here's a guitar version I found...
  7. tumnusLOVE

    "Mayhem is Beautiful" -- Electric Uke

    "Mayhem is Beautiful" -- Electric Uke I'm still learning, but I love the sound. ________ Ferrari 550 Specifications
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    new happy happy uke original

    Hey everyone! This is an original I wrote a few days back. It's incredibly simple, but happy, I'd like to think. I hope you enjoy! ________ Buy silver surfer vaporizer
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    Thriller MJ Uke Cover!

    This was so much fun to play. It's insane. ________ Midget
  10. tumnusLOVE

    "The Sun" -- Original

    "The Sun" -- Original I'd love your feedback on my newest original. It's mostly guitar and a hint of uke. Anyways, it's probably one of my favorites, but I'd love some tips and help on what I could improve. ________ ECIGARETTES
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    For All You 90's Kids Out There!

    Here you go. A little ukulele backstreet boys for you. I talk a lot and I was just.. not there when I made this, but I thought I'd share with all of you. ________ Think mill
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    Greetings from the High-Five State!

    High-fives for all of you! Thanks for looking at my introduction. My name is Autumn and I'm seventeen years old (eighteen this October). I love to sing, write, and play. The High-Five state is Michigan, if you're wondering, but I won't be residing there for long. Although I've lived there for...