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  1. besley

    TC UniTune tuner on sale at Sweetwater for just $9.91

    If anyone is in the market for a tuner, check out the sale at Sweetwater on the TC UniTune for just $9.91...
  2. besley

    "Music" Bifocals

    As old age has caught up with me I’ve found I need bifocals and trifocals to deal with presbyopia, both for reading and using my computer. I’ve tried progressive lenses, but just can’t get used to them. Right now I am using “computer” bifocals with the top half at a 22” focal length for the...
  3. besley

    Uke Humor

    I came across this comic at the Old Guitar Players Facebook group and felt it needed to be seen by uke players as well.
  4. besley

    New Klos all carbon Uke - get the sound port?

    So I just received the final check out from Kickstarter on the Klos 100% carbon uke I ordered. One of the options available is the addition of a sound port for an additional $90 (marked down from a regular $140). I've never had an instrument with a sound port. What's everyone's opinion on...
  5. besley

    Klos All Carbon ukes now available on Kickstarter Campaign

    For anyone who wants a truly all-carbon carbon fiber uke, the Klos All Carbon Kickstarter Campaign just launched...
  6. besley

    Possible "steel string uke kit" at Stew Mac

    From time to time some folks here express interest in a steel string uke. Personally I don't see the attraction, BUT, if you are so afflicted, I just got a note from Stew Mac about a sale on their mini guitar kits for $140. Now it's a guitar kit, so of course it comes rigged for six strings...
  7. besley

    New Klos ukulele to be 100% composite

    Just got a newsletter from Klos saying they are working on developing new versions of their instruments that will be 100% composite - no more wood necks. Which is pretty exciting, except that the anticipated price for the non-electric uke is given as $999. Not that it won't be worth that much...
  8. besley

    Outdoor Ukulele - Guitar!

    So I just got an email from Outdoor Ukulele announcing early orders of their new "guitar". The specs are: Carbon fiber polycarbonate. Bolt-on neck. 20" scale length. 30.75" long x 10" wide x 3.75" deep. Approximately 3 pounds. E-A-D-G-B-E Tuning. 1.75" width at the nut. D'Addario XT coated...
  9. besley

    "Goldilocks" Strap?

    There was some humorous discussion some weeks ago about looking for the "Goldilocks" brand strap that someone mentioned in passing. In the end it turned out that the term was just being used to describe the perfect strap for that player - not too wide, not to narrow, just right. Straps are...
  10. besley

    NUD: Beltona Tenor Resonator

    I've been lusting after a Beltona Resonator uke ever since I read Barry's review three years ago. Well a few weeks ago the leader of my Twin Cities uke club showed up at a jam with his brand new Beltona Concert uke in the cutaway design. I'd been reluctant to order one without at least seeing...
  11. besley

    Luthier "Clear Super Carbon 101" Low G Tenor strings

    I was placing an order at Strings By Mail the other day and came across these Luthier "Clear Super Carbon 101" tenor ukulele strings in low G. I favor low G fluorocarbon strings with a non-wound G, and have gravitated to Living Waters as my go-to strings. But there aren't a lot of non-wound...
  12. besley

    Banjo Mutes?

    My local uke club has gone banjo uke crazy. At last night's jam there were 13 people, and 6 banjo ukes! As you might imagine things got loud. Which got me to thinking about mutes. Up to now I'd just been using some quilt batting in the open back of my Firefly. But I knew there were actual...
  13. besley

    Software to change key of recordings?

    I would like to find some software that changes the key of recordings, mostly to use to bring the key of a song into line with what our jam groups would like to play. I found something called Song Surgeon that does this, and it looks amazing. But I thought I would poll the group to get any...
  14. besley

    Ukulele Setup

    I’ve been doing setups on my guitars for many years, and I thought I would share a couple of hints that may help those of you who would like to work on your own ukes. The steps of an acoustic guitar setup are usually given as: 1) adjust truss rod to set relief, 2) adjust string height at the...
  15. besley

    Case for Duke 10 Banjo Ukulele

    My recently acquired Duke 10 Banjo Uke will shortly be on its way to a new UU owner, since I didn't need two banjo ukes. But before I pack it up I wanted to share a tip with anyone looking for a good case for their Duke 10. It does come with a gig bag, but it would provide no protection for...
  16. besley

    Enya Poor Quality Control

    There have been a lot of posts here by people who have been very happy with their super inexpensive Enya ukes over the last few months. I was looking for a knock-a-about uke to keep by my desk, so I ordered their HPL Enya EUT-X1 a few months ago. I really liked the idea of no maintenance HPL...
  17. besley

    Adding Fretboard Side Dots

    I just received a new Duke 10 Tenor banjo uke the other day, and initially was not very impressed. The setup was poor, with sharp fret ends and rough edges everywhere. There were also no side dots on the fretboard, which might not be so bad except that the fret markers on the front of the...
  18. besley

    WTB: Pono TE Tenor Electric?

    I've been interested in a Pono TE electric tenor for some time. Anybody have one they're interested in selling? If so, please send a PM.
  19. besley

    Maybe a KLOS carbon fiber ukulele in the works?

    There is a carbon fiber travel guitar made by a company called KLOS. It's a pretty neat and affordable option too. Well the company has a Ukulele page where they have posted: "We what our customers want. If enough people express interest in a ukulele, then we'll begin...
  20. besley

    New Duke 10 Tenor Banjo Uke

    Just received my brand new Duke 10 Banjo Uke. If you've not heard about these before, Barry did a nice review recently and rather liked it. Their web site is:, where these are selling for $389...