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    Clara or Flea Travels and Durability

    So, we're leaving for two weeks in Hawaii (Kauai and Big Island). I'm thinking of bringing either my Blackbird Clara or Concert Flea, BUT without a case. In other words, I would stick it in my backpack with the headstock sticking out the top. I like to travel light and don't want to bring a...
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    OMG! Kamaka Kumu Jake Shimabukuro

    Wow! What the heck is this?!? Sign me up! (I probably can’t afford it)
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    Why do you keep? Why do you sell? An offshoot of UAS

    I can only play one instrument at a time and truth be told, I really only need one low G and one re-entrant tuned ukulele. so, one might think I should just keep my two best sounding, yet I have more.. in the beginning, my playing wasn’t super precise or great and playing a better instrument...
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    Low G to Baritone Question

    so, let's say hypothetically, you've learned a few finger style arrangements on your Low G tenor. can you just play them on a baritone? Will it still sound like the song, albeit a few keys different? in other words, if you are just playing by yourself and not in a group, will it still sound...
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    Reno Uke Fest

    How was it? I wanted to go this year, but you know, life…. hope to make it there some day and I hope for those who went, you had a great time.
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    50 messages?

    Great job keeping this resource going. does anyone know if the PM message function is still capped at 50? sorry if I missed this somewhere else. Thanks again!
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    Resale Sweet Spot?

    Is there a re-sale sweet spot? My observations of the secondary marketplace are as follows: Ukes in the sub $200 range are hard to sell used. Ukes with an asking price in the $500-1000 range are the easiest to re-sell. Ukes in the north of $1500+ range, particularly north of $2000 or more...
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    My whole life has been a lie

    Well, not really, but I am really digging concert Martin Premium Polygut strings on my tenor scale Blackbird Farallon. I even made it high G because I didn’t have an extra low g string. maybe it was time to change the strings, maybe it is the lower tension, but the concert strings really...
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    Forbidden Song on the Uke

    So, apparently stairway to heaven is the forbidden song for guitar players. See joke from Waynes World. Are there any such songs for the ukulele?
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    I gave myself tennis elbow!

    So I spent a little too much effort and time trying to play a C6 chord barre (2433) in a song and I pulled a tendon in my fretting hand/arm. 4 weeks later and still not 100%. That really is an evil barre chord... I
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    Mind Blown! Adventure of a lifetime - Feng E

    Wow... I guess his awesomeness outgrew the backseat of the car. I love this song.
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    How many takes when you record videos?

    Maybe this is more due to my perfectionist personality. When I play for me, I don't notice the mistakes, but I decided I wanted to post my first video of me playing a whole song. It drove me crazy knowing that the mistakes would be memorialized on video, so I would either finish playing and...
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    NUD: KoAloha Red Label Anniversary Silver Tenor

    I posted it on FB, but you all were here long before I posted anything on FB. I haven't had much time to sit and play her, but here are some photos for you all... Mango Top/Maple back and sides; Ebony Fretboard, bridge and headstock veneer. 25th anniversary inlay. (Thanks to Mim!)
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    Ukulele Market in 2020?

    Well, these are weird times. If it's not Covid-19 and its related lock-downs, or social unrest, or the election, or wildfires, or murder hornets, or who knows what else. How would you measure the Ukulele market now? Is the high-end market good or is it struggling with the uncertainties in the...
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    How do you learn? Fingerstyle...

    So, I've been trying to get better at finger style playing. My usual is to struggle through the tabbed music sections one at a time and when I can sort of play the section at tempo to move on to the next section, until I can get to the end of the song. So, I can play here comes the sun, but...
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    A Huge Travesty! - Feng E on AGT

    There's no way he should be sent home. I don't think people realize or appreciate how insane Feng E's talent is. If you watch his other videos, you know the only thing holding him back is a seatbelt. Seriously, mad respect...
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    Things I learned in Quarantine: Japanese Music Tab Books and Translation

    A few years ago, we visited Japan and I've always felt that there were more Japanese ukulele resources for finger style playing or chord melody playing. I dragged my family to a Japanese bookstore and two full bookshelves were ukulele books with lots of music, standards, movie themes, etc. with...
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    NUD: Sumi Tenor Spruce Top Maple back and sides

    Ugh, I am in need of professional help. I thought I had my UAS under control and was pretty happy with my current stable. Then I go to NAMM and see this beauty and well, you know how the rest of the story goes. Sumi Kobo one of a kind tenor with a Spruce top, Maple back and Sides, Koa...
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    Holiday Wish List 2019

    I'm usually accused of worrying about others more than myself. BUT, it doesn't prevent my family from asking me to update my wish list... What's on your wish list? Big/Small? Gift ideas for others for you? Gift ideas for yourself with Black Friday and Before/After Holiday sales...
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    How confusing is it to switch between different sizes?

    So, I’m blessed with tenors, concerts, and sopranos. The one at work is a concert and my best instruments tend to be tenors. Am I making it harder on myself and my muscle memory to switch between different fretboard scale lengths? Does anyone else do this or do you all just stick to one...