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    New Deluxe Tenor Models from Kamaka

    Here's a sneak peek at the latest production models available. Tenor size I like I like
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    Walk the wine country uke fest

    Okay lets start walking around...we're not started yet in the morning.
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    Takamine Ukulele? yes another guitar maker making ukes

    Just got a Takamine ukulele which is a inexpensive but well made laminate ukulele in limited numbers...Seems everyone is making ukuleles..Fender, Ibanez, Peavey, Collings. Taylor, Santa Cruz, Breedlove....funny to read the descriptions on Ebay for the uke selling from 99.99 to 249.00 and...
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    Hmmmmm just some thoughts on posts

    Aloha all....I feel forums such as this should be sounding boards uncensored for most posters comment. And I usally have a Motto....If you have nothing positive or nice to say ignore or do not respond.....However it bothers me when luthiers and self proclaimed experts give opinions and thoughts...
  5. MGM to be at Wine Country Uke Festival

    Yes...We are going this year with Hawaiian K brands, Custom Makers...and lots of ALOOOHA. Hope to see some fellow UU'ers and old friends again this year.....hmmmm I smell Grapes...Chardouke vs Sauveruke?? I wonder which has the better Heres some previous years pics.
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    11 one of a kind solid wood custom Kalas on way to Hawaii.

    Yep. That is 11 models of solid wood custom Kalas on way to Hms. Should be up sometime next week for review...(these are one of a kind)
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    And another .....Now Kamaka annouces price changes.

    The famous Mongoose has sniffed around downtown Honolulu and found out Kamaka has raised very slightly their wonderful instruments prices effective immediately..
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    New Islander models have compensated saddles now!

    I haven't had time o check all the models but I did notice compensated saddle now on the Islanders we just got in...
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    Mongoose says new islanders from Kanilea suddenly appeared

    Mongoose got home after scrounging around Kaneohe for rats and found instead a whole container of new model islander ukes and uke basses in the Kanilea warehouse. Pics on my Facebook Be up on web tomorrow. New solid acacia models. Maple model. Slot head with bevel armrest. And more. etc
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    Just another Magic picss pics

    Got some festival pictures? Lets see um! He's a few of mine
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    Gala Banquet last night for Ukulele!

    Here are some photos from last nights Banquet at the Ala Moana Hotel..
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    Hawaii uke fest this weekend...see some interesting unseen models...

    The mongoose says that a new solid body electric K brand as well as a new side port tenor K brand and a special edition K....will be shown at the Ukulele festival this sunday at the ???? booth....see you guys there!
  13. MGM

    New pricing in effect for Kanilea ukuleles....

    I gave a warning but as of July 1 all new Kanileas now reflect a price change....joe is working on getting all the new prices on the website but it will not be done for a few days more yet.... Don't forget. More to follow according to the mongoose
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    MGM destroys a ukulele.....really???? hmmmm

    Okay...this is what happens when i am Well I didn't hit the taylor hard enough
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    Hey Taylor uke sighting!!! Now if only Cory would wake up

    You never know what shows up at Hawaii Music Supply...Neither does Cory...he needs to open his eyes LOL
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    Armchair MD's I need help with cramping in the hand!

    Aloha..I went to Nico's yesterday to play our normal gig during lunch and my fingers, hands and front forearm kept locking up in major cramps. Never so bad that I had to stop completely playing......good thing Kekani was there to fill in the rest of the gig...Heres my question...I get my blood...
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    Happy Fourth of July everyone!

    Just wanting to wish you all Happy Fourth of July...Time to break out the Barbique and your ukulele...
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    Certain brands to be raising prices again....

    It's that time of year and although not yet official if you we're planning on getting a made in Hawaii ukulele don't wait too long as prices I'm told will be increasing on some brands...
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    Happy Fathers Day....Uke Day?????

    Just wanting to wish everyone a happy Fathers Day....Hopefully all your dedication to your children is appreciated today....("okay I Just woke where are they hiding that uke they got for me") Okay... back to reality....."Hey Take out the trash!"
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    New Pepe Romero Ike's made in conjunction with Daniel Ho arrives to Hawaii

    Pepe Romero uke made in design with Daniel Ho have just showed up and sound great. These were the uses that Pepe talked about while at Namm this year in January...first ones have finally showed up and a video and review should be up soon