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  1. 70sSanO

    My David Crosby Blind Squirrel Method of Frequency Tuning

    A little backstory... About 5 years or so ago, I picked up a Fred Shields solid wood 3 string soprano ukulele. Not to argue about the legitimacy of a ukulele with only 3 stings, I found it to be the ultimate instrument for those motivationally challenged moments. I play instrumentals and with...
  2. 70sSanO

    Shaving Braces - Warning, Don't Try This At Home

    Let me preface this by saying that over my whole life I have been a tinkerer. And even with 30 years in aerospace, I did Govt contracs not engineering, so my tinkering has been of my own accord. I'm also not stupid where I would take a dremel to a high end instrument to make a side port. A...
  3. 70sSanO

    Tell Me About Pono TE Ukuleles

    I'm looking for an electric ukulele. I played the Godin Multiuke a few years ago and it was pretty nice. But the Pono looks pretty sweet. A few questions... Does the top wood make any difference since it is solid/chambered? Sound difference between Pono passive pick-up vs. MiSi? With no EQ...
  4. 70sSanO

    Kamaka Baritone Scale Question

    Does anyone know when Kamaka went from a 19" scale to a 20-1/8" scale? Thanks! John
  5. 70sSanO

    Help Identifying These Baritone Strings

    I recently picked up an old Harmony that has what appears to be Aquila Nylgut stings. But when I try to find them I can't find any sets that come with a single wound D string. Also the diameters don't match anything out there. 1st - E = .58mm/.0225 2nd - B = .75mm/.0295 3rd - G = .92mm/.036...
  6. 70sSanO

    You Belong to the City Instrumental Tab?

    Just wondering if anyone has done any tinkering with Glenn Frey's You Belong to the City for the ukulele. I think it would be a great instrumental for the uke and an even better duet with a u-bass. John
  7. 70sSanO

    High G Tenor, Where Has it Gone?

    This is not a High G Low G debate, but more of an observation. In the next year or so, I am planning on retiring. At that time, or sooner, I really want to find, or have made, on wait list, or ??? a new High G tenor. So I am trying to get an idea of the different brands/luthiers out there...
  8. 70sSanO

    Scale Length

    This may be better directed to luthiers. I'm not talking about the standard ukulele scales of 13-1/2" soprano, 15" concert, and 17" tenor. But I've wondered if the perfect ukulele design would lead to tweaks of the scales based on different woods and designs/bracing. For instance, instead of...
  9. 70sSanO

    Three String Ukulele

    Whenever I am in the San Diego area I always make a point to stop in a Moze Guitars in La Mesa. In additional to having a nice selection of new and used guitars and amps, they also sell ukuleles. One of the brands of ukuleles they sell is Fred Shields, who is a local luthier. On this...
  10. 70sSanO

    So Where are the Ukes?

    Whenever my wife and I go on a trip or when I have to head somewhere on business I always set aside time to search out some local ukulele/acoustic shops. Over the years I've stumbled upon Dusty Strings in Seattle, Tejon Street Music in Colorado Springs, Gyphon, McCabes and Buffalo Brothers in...
  11. 70sSanO

    Everyday is OUD!

    I have so many interests and I've been in and out of this forum over the years, but as I have meandered through pastimes there has been one constant... the ukulele. There have been times when I may not pick it up for a month or so but for the most part I play it everyday. So as much as I like...
  12. 70sSanO

    Ukulele Security

    For a number of years I have locked my ukulele case when I was traveling. I would usually use a bike cable and secure it so something secure in the hotel room. I recently did a little internet searching on bike locks and I was blown away by how easily thieves can steal a bike. This has...
  13. 70sSanO

    New Southcoast Strings Sound Sample

    I have a pretty bright tenor ukulele. I have tried Aquilas but they get too brittle. I don't care for Worths on this ukulele. I had tried the regular Southoast string, and I didn't care for them either, but the Southcoast mediums are keepers on my concert. So I went found inexpensive...
  14. 70sSanO

    Why Did You Close the VIP Thread?

    Here is my take... In the 90's I ran a classic car club... newsletters, events, etc. After a few years of putting up with the reality that there will always be those who are not going to be happy, I just couln't take it. We even had dues so we could pay our bills... but I just didn't want to...
  15. 70sSanO

    Why Marker at 10th Fret and Not 9th Fret?

    I see more and more ukuleles have a fret marker at the 10th fret and I am curious why? There's usually one at the 5th, 7th, and 12th just like a guitar, but I can't figure out what makes the 9th fret special for a guitar and the 10th special for a ukulele. John
  16. 70sSanO

    ukejon's version of Hallelujah

    I really like Jake's version of Hallelujah so I thought I would at least tinker with it... well butcher it is a better way of putting it, especially that 2-9 fret stretch that cramps my hand when I try to reach for it. I stumbled upon ukejon's version in the UU Videos, it is fabulous, and Jon...
  17. 70sSanO

    Sound Sample - Fred Shields Ukulele

    A few week ago I picked up a Fluke looking ukulele made by a guy in San Diego. I was asked to provide a sample so here goes... I hope I am running a sophisticated recording setup consisting of a Rock Band mic sitting on an Ikea computer desk into an older version of Mixcraft 4. The uke...
  18. 70sSanO

    New Uke Day! ... Fred Shields

    My wife and I went down to San Diego to celebrate our birthdays, both less than week apart. We usually wander around hit different shops, do some shopping; something for both of us. There is a guitar store in La Mesa, in the village, called Moze Guitars. I've ben stopping in at Moze for a lot...
  19. 70sSanO

    Tone and Temperature

    Does the weather affect tone? It almost seems that colder weather tightens up the tone and makes it brighter with less sustain and warmer weather opens things up. Any thoughts? John
  20. 70sSanO

    Low G... Low Squeak!

    I just converted one of my ukuleles to low G tuning. I started out with Aquila high G and just picked up a single D'Addario EJ45 classical guitar round wound D string and replaced the Aquila G string. It worked out quite well as the diameter is the same as the Aquila high G so there was no...