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  1. PoiDog

    Totally OT - but asking for help

    I'm sorry, but donation solicitations are not allowed. Best of luck, -seeso
  2. PoiDog

    Hate to, but no choice: Kanilea K1 Tenor w/Uke Crazy Case, humidifier, strings - $875

    This is really hard, but my dog needs eye surgery and I need money, so I have no choice but to put up my Kanile'a K1 for sale. It's actually a bit of a no-brainer, actually. She's more important than the uke. I figured I'd start here because I know it would find a good home. No need to give...
  3. PoiDog

    GUITAR: Offering my Tacoma DM9

    I hate to do this, but I've have to sell my Tacoma DM9 guitar - (Serial: F0370200) Some specifics: * Hand crafted in 2002 (Pre-Fender make) * 100% solid Mahogany front, back, sides, neck * Rosewood fretboard * MOP inlay fret marker * Nu-Bone nut * Tortoise binding I can't even begin to...
  4. PoiDog

    GUITAR INTEREST CHECK - Tacoma DM9 All Solid Mahogany

    Okay, I know this will seem very fickle of me, but I think I may want to release the Tacoma DM9 I recently acquired. The reason is pretty simple, the dreadnaught body is just too big for my comfort. I've tried and tried, but it just doesn't seem to fit. So, I'm thinking I'd like to step to...
  5. PoiDog

    Kamaka Soprano on Goodwill

    I am not the seller! However, I know how we all cherish finding one of those garage sale gems, so I thought I'd let you all know that there is apparently a Kamaka for sale at the Shop Goodwill site. Who knows ... maybe this is a chance to grab a vintage uke for a great deal? Again, I am not...
  6. PoiDog

    Strat vs Les Paul?

    Okay, here's a question for all you electric axe guys out there: as a still n00b on the six string, would the Strat or LP be the better choice for an electic, with a focus mainly on blues/bluesy rock/rockabilly? I know the God Clapton is a Strat guy, but then again my boy Billy Zoom is an LP...
  7. PoiDog

    Euro 2012??

    With all the UK members on this board I would have expected some sort of posting on Euro2012 by now. Seems to me that getting the draw against France in the opening game was a good get for the England side that was minus Rooney. Still, they need to improve their overall play if they want to...
  8. PoiDog

    Anyone in the market for a Kiwaya soprano?

    I'm not the seller, but I just ran in to this listing: They also have a Mainland pineapple, though the price of that one is (as of now) already over $150. Goodwill. Who knew?
  9. PoiDog

    Pretty much Totally OT: Mr. Trololo dies

    The geeks out there who get off on Internet memes like me (remember Mahir of "I kiss you!" fame, Numa-Numa guy, Angry German Kid, or the Techno Viking?) will be sad to know that Mr. Trololo died yesterday. Happily, he continues to live on in Web Lore...
  10. PoiDog

    Tacoma Dread

    I find myself in a position where I am being offered a Tacoma dread for practically nothing (inside sale from a guy at work), and just want the standard ego stroke and validation before I hand over the cash. This seems to be one of those "under-the-radar" makers, but for a 100% all-solid wood...
  11. PoiDog


    Suddenly it all makes sense. Up til now, I've been basically just playing first position chords, where I'd never venture below the 4th fret in order to get a shape. Part of it was comfort, but part of it was also just not being able to remember all the higher shapes. Shootz, just getting the...
  12. PoiDog

    Playing 'ukulele while navigating the Titanic

    Has this horse died yet?
  13. PoiDog

    1,000th Post

    Who knew. 1,000 posts by me and not a single one worth the time they took to type. Sometimes I think the Internet is a curse ...
  14. PoiDog

    Kanile'a Satin Finish

    I'm not sure if this belongs in this section or the Luthier's section, so the mods can move this if it's incorrect. Basically, I have a really quick, potentially silly, question: Is the Kanile'a satin finish a nitrocellulose base? I went on their site to look and couldn't find info one way or...
  15. PoiDog

    ... and then there was one

    Well, this weekend was interesting. Along with the normal "honey do" list of chores (replace bathroom faucet, upgrade to GFCI outlet in bathroom, replace kitchen sink trap, repair cracked PVC sprinkler pipe), the wife and I had my cousin and his family over for a pre-birthday bbq for his middle...
  16. PoiDog

    'Ukulele as a Gateway Drug

    Just thought I'd toss this out here, and wondered if anyone else has experienced the same thing. About three weeks back I got myself a beat up, old, no-name 12 fret guitar and have been starting to put some attention into learning how to play it because I've always loved the blues and want to...
  17. PoiDog

    Easiest way to remove broken bridge

    So, here's the deal - I found this tenor sized uke at a garage sale last weekend and picked it up for $5. It doesn't have a label or headstock logo or anything, but the top has the Hawaiian islands cut out as the soundholes. If I were to guess, I would bet dollars to doughnuts that this is...
  18. PoiDog

    Tried the Islander MT-4

    I just got back from a quick stop at a local music store to pick up a clip on tuner, and saw that they had the Islander ukes on the wall, so I just had to pick one up and give it a whirl. All I can say is, "Wow." Seriously, wow. All of the hype and anticipation and expectations about these...
  19. PoiDog

    Help Identifying a ULO: Uke-Like Object

    Hi all you folks in UU land - Here's a puzzler. A mate of mine just handed this thing to me, and I'm completely baffled as to what it might be. It's the size of a concert uke, but only has 12 frets to the body and six strings. Here are some photos. It's obviously a lam. At first I...
  20. PoiDog

    Why bookmatch instead of one-piece?

    I was just wondering whether there was a reason other than aesthetics for builders to bookmatch the top and sides of a uke (or guitar, etc) rather than just use a single, unglued piece of wood? Is it that finding a suitable piece of the proper dimension is too difficult, or that using the...