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  1. ukegirl13

    Favorite Open-geared tuners?

    Hi everyone, I have a client who would like the open-geared guitar style tuners. Does anyone have a favorite they like to use? I saw the Waverley Stew Mac ones and their Grover ones but was wondering what my other chooses are...
  2. ukegirl13

    LMI Manuel Fret Slotting System

    Hi, I have an LMI Manuel Slotting System for sale. It is already mounted on a board to clamp to your workbench or kitchen table. ;) I have upgraded to a table saw to do this delicate task. This system is very accurate and has served me very well slotting many uke fretboards in the past with...
  3. ukegirl13

    File Handles

    I decided to go with the Stew Mac Dragon rasps and want to find a couple of nice handles to go with them. I researched and found "Vintage Saws" site and ordered the #3 Skroo-zon handles. It turns out they are too small. I tried to contact them (they only have an email address) for a trade for a...
  4. ukegirl13

    Wide Chisel you like?

    I would like to invest in a nice 1 1/2" wide chisel to carve the sides of the heel ramp. Do any of you have any particular chisels you really enjoy using if doing this procedure by hand? Thank you, Toni
  5. ukegirl13

    Super Soft II

    I forgot to sacrifice my first-born to the bending gods this month and boy have they played havoc with me! Broke three sides in a row! 2 Curly Mango and 1 figured Mahogany. Ouch!! I have decided to try the SuperSoft II veneer softener and am not sure what the procedure is to using it. Do you...
  6. ukegirl13

    Side Port Question

    Hello fellow builders! I have never installed a side port before and was wondering when you cut the oval out? I'm assuming you cut it while the sides are still flat. Can you cut it out after you have bent the sides and glued the end blocks in? Thanks for any help with this Toni
  7. ukegirl13

    Bolt-on necks with glue?

    Hi everyone and happy holidays! I am getting ready to attach an uke neck with a bolt-on system (bolt with break-down furniture connector) for the first time and am wondering if I add in any glue/epoxy into the barrel before screwing the neck onto the body or do I just add glue to the back of...
  8. ukegirl13

    Filling bug holes?

    Hi everyone, I just purchased some Ambrosia Maple (back and sides) and the set has several bug holes in it going all the way through. Do you have any tips for filling them? Or I guess I could just leave them unfilled..they are all about 2 mm in diameter. If anyone has worked with this wood...
  9. ukegirl13

    Experience with Zebrawood?

    I am wondering if anyone has had any problems with Zebrawood as far as the sides cracking up the grain when putting them into the mold after bending. I had no problems in bending the sides but when I put them into the mold one of the sides split going up the side where it was not supported by...
  10. ukegirl13

    Neck Carving Tools

    I have been using a Nicholson #50 rasp since I've started making ukes and know that I can probably do this task (neck carving) quicker with some other tool/tools. I am considering a draw knife. Should I buy a straight one or a curved one, or both? What other tools do you like to use to carve...
  11. ukegirl13

    Tuners You Like

    I am curious. I love the Pegheds but what are the next best tuners do you all like to install into your ukes?
  12. ukegirl13

    Photographing Inlays

    Can anyone give me any tips on how to photograph inlay work? I just can't seem to get that nice reflected shine that makes an inlay so special. The cat I had put on a peghead had some nice green eyes but couldn't for the life of me get them to show up in the photo. I would appreciate any help.
  13. ukegirl13

    Warped Wood Sets?

    Hi, I recently purchased some nice figured Sapele Pomelle and Waterfall Bulbinga. I didn't notice it being warped when I recieved it but the next day I noticed it. Both sets are fairly thick (1/8th"). The Sapelle I have to return it's got too much of a warp and the Bulbinga I'm considering...
  14. ukegirl13

    Tips on Shooting Curly/Highly Flamed Wood?

    Hello my fellow luthiers! I am having a heck of a time shooting some highly curly and flamed wood. I have not had problems in the past with plain or wood with very little figure. I decided it was time to treat myself to some really nice wood. I have some 4A Myrtle, 3A Claro Walnut, and 4A...
  15. ukegirl13

    Purfling as an Aftermath

    Hi gang! Has anyone cut the purfling channel after the binding has been completed? I filled the little chip out on the fir top and it looks ok but it still bugs me. Yes, you were right Chuck about a light top. Not very noticeable but still there. I'm thinking of rerouting off the binding and...
  16. ukegirl13

    Soundboard chip-out fix-it

    Hi everyone! Does anyone have any advice on how to fix a small chip-out encountered while routing the binding edges? Yes, I did go the right way with router but still happened. :( This is a fir top and I am thinking of just taking the same wood sawdust and mix with epoxy to fill it. What do...
  17. ukegirl13


    Has anyone bought and used a "Microfence" in order to route out a rosette? Just was wondering if it is worth the extra mula. Thanks, Toni