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  1. redsedge

    Cat plays ukulele

    This came up on another board - does anyone else's cat play?
  2. redsedge

    Dehumidifier for damp student room

    I realise most of you folk suffer from the opposite problem, but wondered if anyone has any recomendations. My son's Fylde Falstaff is suffering from being in his student let and we're looking for a dehumidifier to soak up some of the damp. Last summer when he was away, his bedding and clothes...
  3. redsedge

    Strumming by the sea, South Wales

    We're having a guerilla gig at Penarth Pier on Saturday 13th December, strumming a few Christmas carols to the waves and the fishermen. Please come along and join in, singing, playing, applauding - the more the merrier. We're meeting at The Albion, Glebe Street, Penarth at 2.30 for a bracer...
  4. redsedge

    John Kavanagh Finger/Thumb Strum Lesson

    I found this really useful and thought maybe some of you out there would like it too. Thanks go to Heidi and John for their generosity.
  5. redsedge

    Drifting - Andy McKee

    Does anyone have any advice or pointers as to stopping the open strings ringing out so much and obscuring the fretted notes when playing this one?
  6. redsedge

    Intelli tuner in Tempe?

    Does anyone know where I can get an Intelli iMT 500 tuner in or near Tempe, Arizona? I've looked on the net but no joy so far. My sweetheart is in Tempe at the moment. Thanks!
  7. redsedge

    Any news from Texas?

    That's it really. Has anyone heard from hotnanas?
  8. redsedge

    Bluegrass ukulele?

    Can anyone point me to any sites/books/advice on how to play bluegrass tunes on a uke? Ukisociety, are you out there?
  9. redsedge

    Glamorous ukulele girls

    A windy bank holiday in Cardiff Bay enlivened by Tricity Vogue. Slinky dresses, red feather boas and a pink ukulele. What more could anyone ask for? Sunshine? Hey, this is Wales.
  10. redsedge

    Ukulele Nights - Wales, UK

    The new club is up and running after 10-12 people turned up for the first two meetings. And thanks to Nick, we have a blog: The next meeting is on Monday 1st September at 8.30pm in The Albion, Glebe Street, Penarth. If you're in the area, drop in. And if anyone...
  11. redsedge

    First night new uke club - Wales

    Here we are, doing our club song for the first time. To keep the Welsh connection we decided to cover Tom Jones' Delilah. The brass section is astonishing on kazoo!
  12. redsedge

    Wonder Boy does triplets

    Here's Ben again doing Stomach Steinwayman - and here's an earlier take with dog
  13. redsedge

    My new Flip Ultra

    Here's my son playing The Hawk by James Hill. He's going to teach me, so in about 2 years I might be good enough to post my own take! Hope you enjoy - and hope the link works this time
  14. redsedge

    Oldest record shop in the world

    Spillers Music Shop in Cardiff (capital city of Wales, UK) has been trading since 1894 and has been under threat of closure by greedy landlords hiking the rent. There's a petition to save it from closure - if you're keen on supporting independant shops (and a quirky piece of British history)...
  15. redsedge

    New ukulele club - South Wales, UK

    Ukulele Nights will be having its first get together on Monday 4 August (and the first monday of the month thereafter) at The Albion, Glebe Street, Penarth (3 miles from Cardiff, capital city of Wales). The landlady will give us a free slice of pizza too. The beer you have to buy ... 8.30...
  16. redsedge

    My first public performance

    Here's our little family band with my son doing wonderful stuff on the guitar while I strummed away merrily in the background. We're in the back room of a pub in Wales, UK which I thought you might like to have a look at. It was an open mic night and we played Sunny Afternoon (Kinks) and...
  17. redsedge

    Cleaning old ukes?

    Well, my 80 year old George La Foley has arrived and it plays as sweet as a little nut. However, I want to lift the age old dirt off it (although the purists may say it's part of its heritage). It was a little sticky so I gently wiped it with tepid water and Vanish soap which has made it more...
  18. redsedge

    Help with technology

    I would love to share pictures of my new bolivian uke and my even newer acquisition, a La Foley uke with you. I would love to post vidoes of my rather inadequate playing, BUT, I don't know how to use photobucket or youtube. I get so far and then it all goes wrong. I used to teach a computer...
  19. redsedge

    Sweetheart ukulele

    Does anyone know anything about these ukes? I'm seriously interested in buying one - from the same stable as the akulele, but know very little. What wood are they made from and how do they sound? I think there's one stockist in the UK - Duke of Uke in London - does anyone know any other outlets...
  20. redsedge

    Cure's Love Song - damping technique

    Aldrine mentions a previous lesson where he demonstrates damping with the little finger - can anyone please direct me to this, or help. I've got the strumming pattern, can pick a mean solo but cannot seem to play the chords properly with my little finger hovering over the frets. Or is it just...