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  1. Melissa82

    Uke’s for low humidity

    Any rec’s on a uke for a low humidity area? I’m not the best at using case humidifiers. I have a mahogany Mainland concert I’ve owned for a pretty long time and it’s cracked on both sides of the seam. It’s pricey to fix so figure I’ll get a new uke.
  2. Melissa82

    Going to a Kanikapila - Phoenix, AZ

    I found out that a group has a monthly Kanikapila here in Phoenix every month. I figure I'd check it out for ukulele reasons. They are going to have a jam session playing Hawaiian songs. I've never been to one before so it should be fun, I hope. Anyone else here going? Here are links to the...
  3. Melissa82

    Savarez Strings

    I just received my concert size Mainland Mahogany uke in the mail today from kkimura. I slapped on some Savarez strings and they are amazing. I used to really like Worth Clears but these Savarez strings are amazing. If you are looking for a warm sound, definitely check them out.
  4. Melissa82

    LF: Used Mainland Mango or Mahogany Concert

    Made my decision. Looking for a used Mainland Mango or all Mahogany concert. :)
  5. Melissa82

    LF Concert Uke

    Totally regretting selling my tenor uke so many years ago here on UU. Now, I'm back in to the uke thing and think I want a nice concert. I do have a concert now that is doing the job just fine (other than falling out of tune every two seconds) but I am missing that solid top sound. I'm looking...
  6. Melissa82

    Seattle/Tacoma - Needing some help

    Hubby and I have decided that we are going to move to the Seattle/Tacoma area. He may be able to find a job at Ft. Lewis once he is out of the army there. As of March 1, I have no idea where I'm living or working. Thankfully, my husband will have his military income until June so we are pretty...
  7. Melissa82


    Husband and I decided we are moving to Minnesota, in the Twin Cities area (probably Minneapolis). I'm going to go up there as soon as possible to find a job and place to live. Does anyone know some good places to start looking for work?
  8. Melissa82

    FS or Trade: Honu Tenor Ukulele, Wechter Guitar and Yamaha Keyboard

    For sale or trade for Digital SLR: Honu Traditional Tenor Ukulele, comes with case - Very lightly used for a few months MSRP $589.99 - Solid Koa uke, it is simply an outstanding instrument. It's a big step up from a beginner uke. Yamaha Keyboard DGX-230 - Rarely used at all, still in the box -...
  9. Melissa82

    Reviving a koa uke

    I haven't played my uke in, well... jeez, over 6 months. I live in a fairly humid climate. Do I need to do anything special with it other than tuning it when I go to play again? I have a tenor traditional koa Honu.
  10. Melissa82

    Portland, OR - Help, We are moving there!

    Hey guys Been awhile, I know, lol. Does anyone here live in Portland or around? My husband and I are planning on moving there once he is out of the Army, around April 2012. I need to go down on my own and check things out so we can find a place to move/work without not knowing what we are...
  11. Melissa82

    FS: Honu Traditional Tenor

    All Koa uke by Big Island Ukulele's. Rarely used, like new, just got it in July from Uke Republic. Strung with worth clears. Love this thing but I have to sell it. Comes with a uke crazy hard case. $460 shipped within USA only unless you want to pay the shipping cost Will accept paypal Please...
  12. Melissa82

    Computer Science vs Computer Engineering

    I've decided that I'm going back to school. I want to take something computer related and get a degree, either a Bachelor's or Master's (man, I am getting too old for this, lol). Anyways, I'm trying to figure out if I want to go the Comp Sci or Comp Eng direction. The thing here is that I can...
  13. Melissa82

    KipTV Has UStream & Facebook! Yay For Parrots!

    I created a UStream for my green cheek conure and just made an Fb page as well. Come join and watch his crazy antics!
  14. Melissa82

    Savannah Uke Group Interest

    If I was to start a Savannah Uke group that met monthly, would anyone be interested? I was thinking of holding it at Forsythe Park during the nice weather months. I created a group on FB.!/group.php?gid=138007102891436&ref=ts
  15. Melissa82

    Amazon Gold Box: Blue Snowball USB Microphone $52.99 Doesn't give specifics but if it's the one I think it is, it's quite a deal! Starts at 9am EST!
  16. Melissa82

    SOLD - FS: Mainland Tenor Mahogany w/ FREE uke-leash

    Uke is sold! Selling my gently used Tenor Mainland Mahogany. It's in excellent condition only bought in January. Strung with Worth Clears. If I can find the original Aquila's I will include them. Comes with a uke crazy hard case (not pictured because I will get it with my new uke, I love the...
  17. Melissa82

    Blowing in the wind

    I discovered chunking. My bird discovered rhythm.
  18. Melissa82

    Buying a Harmonica

    I want a harmonica for some strange reason. I was thinking of picking up a Hohner 20 in the key of C. Now where the heck would I start to learn how to play? I've seen some cool vids on YT.
  19. Melissa82

    Metal Clay and Kumihimo (Japanese Braiding)

    I know, two separate things. But has anyone messed around with any of these mediums? I'd love to use metal clay to make jewelry but it's completely out of my budget. You'd need a kiln and that's like $700, lol. It's just so cool. You get this clay that after you have molded it and fire it, it...
  20. Melissa82

    House of the Rising Sun

    Haven't played much lately but decided to give this one a go. I'm a little sick with a sore throat but ehn, what can I do.