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  1. DeG

    Thomas Creek Brewery Jimi Hendrix Ukulele Campaign

    This morning I discovered that the following mission statement is being used by the Thomas Creek Brewery out of South Carolina: So I'm asking all ukulele players to post and/or share Jimi Hendrix ukulele videos on social media using the hashtags #hendrixuke #uwcfreebeer...
  2. DeG

    Chattahoochelele 2015

    I organized a group of 22 Southeast Ukers to go floating and strumming down the Chattahoochee River in Georgia. We had a great time with our plastic ukuleles. We plan on making this an annual event. Here are some videos: Henehene Kou Aka Black Water...
  3. DeG

    Goodbye Leaves - Seeso Cover

  4. DeG

    Old Folks at Home (Suwanee River)

    Took the Boy Scout troop down to the Okefenokee Swamp in south Georgia this weekend and I was able to sneak in a quick video...
  5. DeG

    Mele Kalikimaka ei nei / Christmas Luau

    Merry Christmas UU!
  6. DeG

    Boe 2012

    A song I wrote a few years ago. Seemed like a good time to dust it off :)
  7. DeG

    Doctor Whokulele original song - Rose

  8. DeG

    Hawaiian Sup'pa Man

    I played a gig last time providing "atmosphere" at a Hawaiian BBQ place here in Atlanta. Good is a clip...
  9. DeG

    A Good Place to Be - Original

  10. DeG

    International Kazoo Day!

    Sir Duke on Kazoo! :)
  11. DeG

    Why do you own more than one ukulele?

    So I can make collages... :p
  12. DeG

    I Don't Ask Much - Original

    Uploaded an original song I've been messing around with. Let me know what you think. Thanks,
  13. DeG

    Watching the Wheels- John Lennon Cover

  14. DeG

    Honolulu Baby (when did youtube change their "share" links???)
  15. DeG

    The Hukilau Song

  16. DeG

    Time after Time

  17. DeG

    How to survive the wiinter...

    I learned a new snow removal technique I thought I would share with you guys...;) Doh! Hey Mods, can someone fix my typo in the thread name? Guess my fingers are still cold from clearing snow...LOL!