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    Birth year ukuleles

    This is inspired by a WTB post... and it seems the forum doesn’t like posting it. Pls ignore
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    Tuning and first fret notes

    This forum has serious tech issues the way it cuts off posts. My question was: is the first fret expected to tune the same as the open strings. Some of mine are way into the yellow bar territory on the Snark.
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    Uncle Rod

    Just checking if someone’s used this or is using it at the moment... I’ve had my ukulele for a month and a half, learned 10-chords and some progressions and then ran out of ideas. I thought, there has to be some concept other than learning simple songs off YouTube that I don’t like or in most...
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    Does my uke need a set up?

    So with the current backlash against the sales practices of a certain brand (can’t say I agree 100% with that) there’s been a lot of talk about uke set ups and how it helps beginners (such as myself), people with arthritis etc. So it got me thinking if I’m missing out on something, if I’m not...
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    G Chord middle finger position

    So pictures say thousand words. My middle finger is bent inwards when holding the G chord, is that normal or a bad habit? At the moment it’s easier for me but wondering if I won’t be able to make smoother and faster transitions going forward. Even G to F isn’t very smooth now.
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    Help appreciated: Prolonged resonance/vibration in solid spruce top concert ukulele

    Hi, First post here although I’ve been reading as a guest for a while now. So recently I finally got a ukulele, Kala Solid Spruce (Top) Mahogany Concert, KA-SCG and really got into it until my ears slowly started to get used to the instrument and I noticed that there was a delay in the sound...