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    Which soprano brand would you recommend as a keeper?

    I really like my Martin S1. WIth the solid mahogany construction it really has a lot of "punch'. With Worth Brown's it really wails.
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    Ukulele is sold.
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    Thank You, kohanmike and gochugogi for your advice. I went to the local library and their IT person helped me out. He opened an account on Imgur and the solved the problem.
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    Here is your chance to own an aNueNue AMM3 Tenor Ukulele. Purchased from HMS and set up by HMS on 4/7/2021. Reason for selling, too many ukuleles. This beautiful instrument comes strung with Worth Browns, High G, two strap buttons and the aNueNue Deluxe Gig Bag. Also a rosewood radiused...
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    No, the capital letters were for the title of the entry. Nothing else. Also I tried the insert image icon and again the photo was too large to insert.
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    Thank You. I have downloaded the Image Size App to my phone. Tapped on the App, selected the photo hit choose and this supposedly reduces the size of the image. Except it didn't.
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    I am on the Marketplace Forum attempting to place an ad for a sale. I select attach files, go to my photos, select a photo, select download and then the "file is too large" icon appears. What am I doing wrong.
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    Rip charlie watts:

    Just heard this horrible news. Another R&R icon passes on. Always admired his minimalist style.
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    Pm's mia

    I submitted two PM's and yet they don't show in my sent box. Anyone else having issues? I'm not sure what if anything I am doing wrong. Don't know if messages were received.
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    Pepe romero and la bella baby baritone strings:

    I installed the above strings on my Pono Cedar topped, mahogany back and sides tenor. The sustain is really remarkable, I don't know if it's the tuning (DGBE), the strings themselves or the woods in the instrument, but as I said the sustain is amazing. This is my first experience with...
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    What is pikake?

    I saw an ad for a Koaloha Pikake Koa ukulele. Only definition for Pikake I can find is either a flower or a vine. I don't see how Pikake is used in an ukulele. As you can tell, I have time on my hands.
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    Is your ukulele gettting you through the panddmic

    Now don't read anything political into this, but whenever the national news starts, I leave the room and find and play my ukulele. It really keeps me from getting depressed about the current news. I start picking and strumming and the troubles of the world go away. But that's just me. Stay...
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    R. I. P. Little richard:

    Sadly we lost another rock icon. Little Richard was a major influence to a great number of rock stars. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix to name a few. Little Richard's Tutti Frutti was my introduction to Rock 'n Roll. PS: My father told me RnR would never last. PPS: Why...
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    Oops i did it again!

    "Just when I thought I was out, they drag me back in again." OK that's enough of the Britanny Spears and Al Pacino references. I consciously pared down my ukulele collection to four. Two concerts and two tenors, one each Low G and High G. Then a Cocobolo Concert became available in the...
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    D'Addario Nylon Tenor Strings Low G:

    I just changed the strings on my Ko'olau tenor. I've installed the D'Addario Clear Nylon Tenors Low G. As expected they are taking a while to stretch out. Also, they aren't the easiest strings to install, they seem to have a mind of their own. However, when they manage to stay in tune...
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    How do i play this:

    I am taking the Ukulele 102 course. Week 3 is about scales. Exercise 1 of that week has scales. One section goes like this: On the A string 3 2 0. There is a symbol to play the C pull of for the A. Fine, so what do I do about the B in the middle. I can play the C, pull of the A, but...
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    Dog paw side port:

    I have an opportunity to purchase a Cocobolo Concert Ukulele. One of the options is a dog paw side port. Any difference in sound between the dog paw and the normal side port? Is the dog paw just a different design? Thanx in advance for your input.
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    Senior moment:

    I forget how to mark an item sold. Help Please.
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    Martin 2 tenor ukulele mahogany style 2 ukulele

    To make a long story short I am selling this brand new ukulele to buy an instrument that I have wanted for quite a while. And I want to limit my stock to four ukuleles. This ukulele was purchased new from Elderly Instruments on 5/8/2019. My impetuous buying habits will be your gain. This is an...
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    Kala ka-srmt-tri limited edition more photos

    Here are more photo's of this beautiful instrument. Sorry photos are vertical rather than horizontal. I'm still working on that problem.