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    FYI new Moore Bettah auction at HMS

    This is not my instrument but I know new Moore Bettah ukes always attract attention here. Bidding opened at US$9,000 on 7 June and is already up to $11,525 at this time, with 5 days to go. These decorated ones are undoubtedly brilliant craftsmanship and seem to attact eye-watering prices...
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    FS Pono baritone, spruce-top cutaway Baggs pickup

    A GREAT SOUND, A GREAT BUY A very desirable spruce-top rosewood body Pono pro-classic baritone (RBC-PC-S) cutaway, fitted with Grover tuners and Baggs 5.0 pickup. Purchased new in 2015 from Hawaii Music Supply, with their full set-up. Nice low action, minor cosmetic bumps and scuffs (see...
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    For sale: Kanilea Platinum Super-Concert w. dual pickup

    This is a truly beautiful instrument to look at, to hold and to play. Purchased by me direct from Kanilea in 2017, factory-fitted dual pickup. Super Concert (concert body, tenor neck). Excellent condition. No flaws, no dings/scratches etc. meticulously cared for, humidified, non-smoker etc...
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    WTB: KoAloha KSM-T2 Tenor Neck Soprano

    Pickup preferred. Must be in good condition. I’m in Australia- happy to pay international postage.
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    Moore Bettah tenor - offers please?

    UPDATE: Moore Bettah tenor for sale **UPDATED** PRICE DROP Hi, I'm now selling this beautiful and superbly built Moore Bettah tenor uke. It is a joy to play, a delight to hold and see, and a real pleasure to hear - another of Chuck Moore's masterworks. The price is US$5,500. Includes hard case...
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    Kani Ka Pila Klip for cheat sheet

    Hi folks - I’ve been searching high and low without success for this product, which seems to no longer be in production. Anyone know where I can get say 20 of them for my uke group please? Otherwise does anyone know of a similar product? It’s a lightweight clear-plastic jointed clip-on with a...
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    Rare Southcoast Music super-concert, Shadow active pickup + case

    Many UU members will be familiar with high-quality Southcoast uke strings, produced for many years by the late Dirk Wormhoudt, of the Southcoast Ukulele & Guitar Company in New Orleans, Louisiana. For a time, Dirk teamed up with Omar Corrales - a master Spanish guitar luthier from Costa Rica -...
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    Asturias super-concert; slotted headstock; cutaway; Bagges pickup + deluxe hardcase

    **UPDATE** I was asking around $US$1,400 here on UU marketplace but got no solid offers. I went to eBay and to be open and upfront, the best of several offers was $US900 + postage. I didn't and wouldn't take so little for an instrument of this quality. I accept that this market may be soft...
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    G'day from Woy Woy, Australia

    Hello to all UU members and thanks for having me - although Groucho Marx did warn that he would not join any club that would accept him as a member! I'm recently retired to a quiet village community on the Central Coast of NSW. The town of Woy Woy has been the butt of many jokes over the years...