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    Bari linear string conundrum

    All, I generally play a reintrant Bari and concentrate on campanella stuff, but I'm learning Fred Sokolow's Slack Key Uke songs and love them on a low D, and I'm having problems finding a set of strings that I like. Normally I avoid wound strings like the plague because they have a short life...
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    Can't Help Falling In Love Solo for wedding

    Hello, Sorry to ask here but when I do a search on this site I can't look at any of the search results because of some "security rule" My daughter's friend is getting married in 2 weeks and her live musician just cancelled. I've been asked if I can play Can't Help Falling in Love for the...
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    U-Bass Questions

    I am not a bass player, so I'm a little lost - maybe you all can help me out! I recently bought a U-bass (used) and subsequently picked up a Fender B-DEC 30 bass practice amp at a garage sale. When I play the U-bass thru the B-DEC the bottom string is essentially inaudible. I think this...
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    Take your uke to the ICU!

    Funny story. Recently spent 3 days in the hospital, 2 of them in ICU. My wife brought in my Pono and I spent 3 days fingerpicking instrumental songs. I claim degree of difficulty points since I had an IV in both hands for the entire time. It was a huge hit. Apparently the bar for what...
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    Looking for Technical help with fingerpicking fingerings

    Hi, I'm working on a Rob MacKillop fingerpicking piece and I'm a little uncertain about the left hand fingering (I'm left-handed). I put it into Guitar Pro and assigned the fingerings I think are best, but they will require me to practice them so I would like somebody more experienced to look...
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    Looking for skype clawhammer instructor.

    All - I can't find a local uke instructor and no one here even seems to realize that clawhammer is even a thing. I'm looking for a quality skype clawhammer instructor that you have personal experience with and would recommend to me - I am a complete clawhammer newbie, it that matters. thanks...
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    Custom uke settings for Fishman Aura Spectrum DI?

    All, I have a Pono Pro Classic Bari, Spruce over Rosewood. For Christmas I got a fishman aura spectrum DI. This has some "magic" where they mic an instrument and then record the pickup and do an analysis to take the pickup and transform it into something close to the mic. The secret is...
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    Fingerpicking Thanksgiving Songs

    All, I have started in on the Christmas arrangements, but I realize that besides Over the River and Through The Woods, I got nothing for Thanksgiving. Any ideas? Any tabs? Thanks Sopher
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    How to safely clean strings?

    I am using SouthCoast plastic strings on my uke and they seem to get oily and sticky from my fingers. What is safe to clean these with? Do they absorb water like nylon or is that safe? Is soap bad? thanks Dennis