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    SpruceHouse ukes

    If you can check it out, I’d say go for it. Being able to try out different instruments whether you buy or not is still a learning opportunity. I have a 2017 SpruceHouse Concert (maple with red cedar top). I bought it used (on-line) and it was quite affordable for a US hand-built instrument. For...
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    Ukuleles in film and tv

    Meatballs - Bill Murray playing uke in a canoe.
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    NUD: Martin / Wurlitzer

    Well, I finally gave in to the little voice that tells me “You live in PA, you need a Martin”. I’ve been waiting for something different or special and I found this one. It’s a Wurlitzer #835 built by Martin (1922-1926). I have the King/Walsh book for reference but realized that there aren’t...
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    The Magic Fluke Company Appreciation thread

    1. What do I have? Soprano Flea in Pistachio Green, SN: 167 (approx. 2004), Strung low G. 2. Why did I buy it? Honestly it was because of an EBay coupon that was going to expire. I started scrolling through the Buy-It-Now’s and spotted this lightly used instrument. I didn’t have a soprano...
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    Mickey Mouse & The Ukulele

    Is this the shirt you saw? I think it’s only available at the resort.