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    Duke Banjo Uke with gig bag $275

    Duke 10 Banjo Uke with gig bag SOLD I just bought this uke banjo last year (for 389) and it is in like new condition as I rarely play it. It sounds great and plays nice, but I purchased a steel string tenor banjo and cant see me going back to the uke banjo. I will sell only to the lower 48...
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    Neck comparison on Goldtone CC and Deering Goodtime-tenor banjos ?

    I am seriously considering purchasing one of the 2 above tenor banjos and wonder if anyone has experience with both instruments so they could guide me. I want a slim neck on the tenor, regardless of 17 or 19 fret model, I like the neck to be thin from top of freboard to the back of the...
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    Any other gypsy jazz guitar players here ?

    I played rhythm guitar for a gypsy jazz group and it was a lot of fun...we had a great guitar player and a great violinist...those 2 were perfectionist and wanted to play things exactly like Django and Stephane played them...I was lucky in that the rhythm guitar was much easier. Turns out the...
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    Pono Solid Mahogany Guilele (MB-6 7847) $600

    Pono Solid Mahogany Guilele $550 -New Lowered price I just purchased this instrument from the Uke Site and decided to sell it to someone who will play it. It is a fine instrument, well made, and sounds really sweet, it just doesnt fit into my interests. I was hoping that it would take the...
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    My new Pono MB-6

    Just this past week I received my new Pono Mb-6 guilele tuned E to E. Having spent 56 years playing guitar , I missed the bottom 2 strings for various reasons...Travis picking and playing 3 note rhythm chords on strings 4, 5 and 6, etc. Anyway, I really like this instrument...looks beautiful to...
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    Anyone own a Romero uke ?

    I have been lusting over the Romero Baritone 6 string guilele, guitar uke, whatever you call them. I am wondering if anyone owns a Romero and what they think of them. The instrument sounds wonderful in the demo, but thats probably not a surprise. Thanks in advance. I am not sure if it is...
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    Gold tone tenor banjo uke ? Advice comments ?

    I recently got a Duke10 banjo uke and out of the box I was disappointed with it...I am taking it to my tech on Tuesday for his setup. That being said, I have been looking at the Gold Tone series and wondering if I should have gone that route. The BUT seems like the model I would like to...
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    Article about cowboy ukes in ukulele magazine ..How many own one ? Pics ?

    It was fun reading about and seeing pictures of the old cowboy ukes sold thru companies like Montgomery Ward, et. Just curious, if those of you who own one, either thru childhood or purchases in more recent years, would post a picture of theirs. As a child, I didnt have one, but my sisters...
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    Pickup for Pono Baritone ? Who uses what, please...any recommendations ?

    I have been trying to do research on the "best" pickup, and have read both on here and other sources like youtube. I like the idea of not having to replace the battery and using a plug in charger, like the MiSi, but have also read where these arent very reliable. The anuenue is another one...
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    Just ordered a Duke 10 banjolele

    :D Just today i ordered the above mentioned banjo uke and am excited to get it. I play 5 string bluegrass banjo (Ome brand), but like the sound of this little tenor banjo for the Eddie peabody style I call it...haha Anyway, I read a lot of reviews on it and seems well built and the youtube...
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    Interested in Resonator Ukes...comments and suggestions please

    I found this old thread started in 2012: I was wondering if since this time, opinions have changed, new models have come out, etc. I sure like the sound of the Morton that Casey...
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    Lyle Ritz is my favorite uke players-others in his style I should know about ?

    It seems that in every type of music I enjoy, I dial into certain performers that i like the best...Chet Atkins-guitar, Jerry Byrd..hawaiian steel, etc. With ukulele it is Lyle Ritz for me...I love his chord melody playing and have tried to get all of his music. Its as much as his choice of...
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    WTB Martin Baritone uke

    The title says it all...if you have one for sale, you can respond to me here or send me a PM. thanks in advance.
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    Kanile'a owners-how do you consider the neck profile ?

    I am considering purchasing a Kanile'a uke for the neck profile is supposed to be thin, which is what I like. I am wanting a baritone and it is supposedly thinner than my Pono baritone that I have now, and the upgrade is about $900 so I want to be sure I am doing the "right" thing. NOTE: when...
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    I am in the minority but I like felt picks...suggestions for making your own ?

    I have one felt pick that I like the best...the others that I have ordered are too stiff for my taste and sound harsh..the one I like isnt exactly floppy but it sure has a mellow sound. So, rather than to continue ordering picks and finding that I dont like them, I saw a video on youtube where...
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    In general should a baritone uke action be as low as a tenor ?

    this is ignorance on my part and in no way a reflection or criticism of the builders of my uke. I got a baritone today and was surprised that it seemed the action was harder/higher than on my tenor uke....they are both quality instruments set up by the vendor and I am sure my hands will adjust...
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    Anyone own an archtop ukelele ?

    Here I am waiting for the delivery of my Pono baritone, and I am already lusting over another uke ! I have had GAS for 55 years so now I am getting UAS ! Anyway, here is one I am looking at for the future,,,any other models you guys and gals own or recommend would be appreciated. (Coming from...
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    Just ordered a Pono Deluxe Spruce/Mahogany Baritone (MBD-SP)

    I have been debating for a while as to which way I wanted to go, so I just now pulled the trigger on the above mentioned baritone. I currently own an Opio concert and love it, but also wanted a baritone, for some reason or another. After doing some research I decided this one fit my needs and...
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    Twilight Time

    Gerald Ross was my inspiration for this one...not nearly as good as his arrangement of course, but I think I used his key of F and put sheet music in that key from BIAB and worked it out.
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    Autumn Leaves

    Chord melody from my guitar arrangements, changed keys so lays better on uke in Gm