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    Pono Ebony/Cedar Cutaway Baritone Pro Classic

    Reluctantly putting my Pono Baritone up for sale in an effort to thin the herd. This is the fairly rare Maccassar Ebony/ Cedar Pro Classic model EBSHC(C)-PC with cutaway. Top notch super high gloss finish, radius fretboard, and truss rod as with all Pono PC models. Overall very good to excellent...
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    Kiwaya KTS-4 with Stagg Hard Case

    SOLD: Kiwaya KTS-4 with Stagg Hard Case Purchased about a month ago on UU. This was my first soprano, and although it has a fantastic tone and playability, I just prefer the tenor scale. Excellent condition, no visible blemishes or flaws. Has strap buttons installed, and is currently strung...