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    1/4" scale length difference v string tension

    Hi all. I have a Cordoba 20SM Soprano and a Ohana SK38. They are both strung with Living Waters strings and have similar string heights at the 12th fret. For some time I have been wondering why the Cordoba feels a little easier to play barre chords and play vibrato notes. I wrongly assumed...
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    Soprano D tuning Ohana sk38

    Having read somewhere that the original tuning for sopranos was D not C I thought I would give it a go. It sounds great on the Ohana SK38. Very punchy and suprisingly its also good for fingerstyle. It seems to sustain longer. I can't recall why standard tuning went from D to C. I think D...
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    Soprano case - wooden hardshell v sturdy alternative

    Apologies if this subject has been discussed many times but if it has please post any relevant links. I need some advice on cases. I leave my ukuleles on stands but I'm getting a custom built soprano that I want to keep handy but in a case. Its unlikely that it will travel much but I just want...
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    Ohana SK38 Solid Mahogany Soprano

    I bought this highly recommended Ukulele from Mim's Ukuleles in March 2019. Lightly played (mainly fingerstyle). Never gigged. Non smoking environment. It is in excellent condition other than a repaired hairline crack in the top right bout of the soundboard (see photo). The crack was wood...
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    Next choice after Kiwaya KTS-4/5?

    Given the current lack of inventory for these models can anyone recommend a similar all sold mahogany soprano around the same price. I've searched reviews but I'd be interested in suggestions from anyone that actually has a Kiwaya KTS-4 or 5 now and also own other mahogany sopranos that can...
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    D'addario Ukulele Capo issue

    I was wondering if anyone here has a D'addario ukulele capo and has experienced it leaving a distinct mark on the fretboard. I kept one on my Cordoba 20tmce at the first fret for a couple of weeks and I think the rubber they use has reacted with the fretboard. I have attached a photo. I also...
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    A crack!

    Along with a couple of Cordoba solid top 20 series Ukuleles which have aged tonally remarkably well, I have a Ohana SK38 all solid mahogany ukulele plus a solid top classical guitar from the 1980's. I have lived in Southern California since 2000 and along the way have owned several Martin...
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    Kiwaya KTS-4 US availability?

    I check the online sites that sell this model regularly and they have shown out of stocks for months now. I expect its the direct effect of Covid/lockdown. However, does anyone knows if the company is having other difficulties?
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    The Nylon "Iron Maiden" player moves on to the Ukulele(s)...
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    Iron Maiden in Ukulele anyone?
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    All you ever wanted to know about using picks/plectrums

    The excellent Phil Doleman just posted a great review of various picks and techniques for using them on the ukulele. Well worth a watch even if you are anti pick/plectrum.
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    Phil Doleman....great YouTube videos

    What a great teacher (and performer!) Phil Doleman is. His 2 minute tips plus all his freely educational videos on YouTube are imho an excellent resource. I have three of his tutorial books which are simple to follow and contain a wealth of information to help you understand Ukulele theory...
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    New Kiwaya KTS-4 availabilty

    I've been trying to find a new Kiwaya KTS-4 from any US retailer but have not yet tracked one down. Everywhere I have looked seems to be sold out. If anyone knows where one might be please let me know. Thanks all.
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    The Uke with clarinet - what a great combo!
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    UU Custom Ukulele

    I'm not sure if this has been discussed before but in case it hasn't: Some years ago the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum website developed their own guitar with design input from forum members. If my memory serves me well Martin actually made a limited run. It would be interesting to see what a...
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    Interesting concept

    Yanko Design: This electric Ukulele comes with its own speaker and is Bluetooth-enabled!. "It's a Uke Jim, but not as we know it"
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    Question for players that only play Concert size.

    Does anyone here just play a Concert size Mahogany Ukulele? If so, what was your journey to arrive at that size choice and which model did you land on? The reason I ask is that some years ago I bought a Kamaka Centennial Edition Concert from a local store as it sounded great in the store...
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    Guitar gathering dust.

    I took up playing Ukulele 10 years ago with my first tenor. Up until then I had noodled away on a nylon acoustic for years. Initially, I played the guitar more than the Uke but adding a soprano or two over the last few years has changed everything. The ukulele playing addiction began. Not only...
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    Just one Ukulele

    This may have come up before (if so please post a link). Most of us have more than one ukulele and often there are forum members who post about reducing their collections for various reasons. Has anyone actually done this to the point that they just have one ukulele to focus on and are happy to...