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    Where the wood comes from

    I know the below article is about guitars and ukulele tonewoods used by this group certainly are wider and dare I say it way more imaginative. An interesting and thought provoking read...
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    Titchtheclown ukuleles

    The McGee Thunder Drop Bear Bass. Based on a Gibson Thunderbird, unreversed body and headstock. I must admit when asked for a Thunderbird I wondered whether it was to be based on Thunderbird one two or three and if Lady Penelope or Vergil would be involved. Made with meranti old door frame...
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    Free plans site

    My fave free plans site for Fenderish, Gibsonesque and other plans appears to be no longer hidden away in google sites where it was. This site appears to have picked up a large proportion of them plus a fair selection of acoustic plans (including the gold standard Greller classic Martin plan)...
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    VIDEO: Making free fret dots

    Just a short video showing how I make fret dots.
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    Interesting free museum in Edinburgh

    I recently returned from a visit to my wife's relatives in Ireland. Along the way we stopped off in Edinburgh. My son spotted a Ramen restaurant that was considerably cheaper than most others and out the window of this restaurant I spotted the St Cecilia musical instrument museum that was not in...
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    Automatic tuners

    My second least favourite task in uke making is winding on new strings and breaking them in. I have crank and drill attachments to speed this up but am tempted to splurge on the JOWOOM T2 Smart Guitar Tuner Peg String Winder for Guitar Ukulele Chromatic V3M0 Or The Roadie 2 automatic guitar...
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    An accidental jig

    I've been using this jig on my new band saw to cut my headstock scarf/splice for almost a year. I just noticed that because the block I clamp the neck to is square I can use the same jig to trim the fretboard (or faceplate) so the fretboard and headstock faceplate join neatly too. Only took...
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    Power file/ finger sander/file sander

    I just bought myself a power file/ Finger sander/file sander. It was a cheapie but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the join I got here with minimal fiddling around. I did have to switch to a better quality belt to get a smoother sanding performance because the join in the supplied...
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    Ukecalypsolele. Is an entirely made up word that got zero hits on google. To put that into context ukulelephant got several even before I built my version. My first thought is for a uke with a steel pan resonator. Any other dumb ideas out there? Any ideas on how to make reasonably chromatic...
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    Ubass action (string height)

    I just made this bass ukulele myself using Aquilla thunderguts and have looked around for guides on how high the action should be and have come up empty handed. I must admit when I looked at the factory made ones i was generally surprised by how high the actions were. How high over the frets...
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    My version of a pineapple ukulele.

    Apologies to Samuel K. Kamaka. A band sawn bowl uke with a touch of paint.
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    Measure twice. That doesn't seem right?

    A few weeks ago I bought two pairs of 4 to a plate mandolin machine heads from China off Ebay to make a Tahitian uke or two. Measured my first set and a bit odd the posts were 1/4 inch and 1inch apart on the plate. No worries fitted them and they worked fine. I just pulled out the second set...
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    Interesting idea on instructables for drum sander Now all I need is a lathe.
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    I truly am an idiot

    I have watched this video several times. I know the things to look for. I put the crooked cutting for the last few weeks down to a blunt blade, a not tight enough blade, a not new blade, misaligned top guides and fate. After a particularly wonky cut I decided to fit a new blade and do the...
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    Odd travel photos froma clown on a round the world ticket

    These are in the La Scala museum in Milan They would not let me play with them More to come
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    Mo ukulele movember

    In my day job I work for the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. This month is Movember and as part of that, me and my mo bros at AIHW Are putting our mo's where our stats are As part of this I...
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    Ubass fret wire.

    Before I start hammering frets in, what size fret wire is used on Ubasses? I am guessing this 3mm fret wire Ibought looks too thick somehow and I should have gone for guitar fret wire at about 2.2 mm or 2.6 mm.
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    Band sawn bowl ukulele

    The traditionalists should avert their eyes now. Just a crazy idea sparked by seeing a band sawn bowl instructable and thinking about how I could make a ukulele like that. Pinus radiata body etc Forrest red decking fretboard Abalone fret markers
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    Art on a Ukulele

    As if we didn't have enough reasons to love and respect Pete Howlett.
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    Tuner tips cheap bass uke and flipping knobs

    For my first bass uke build I used the wrong tuners. I bought sealed bass guitar tuners (bottom left in the picture) because I thought they looked better. They require a 14mm hole and have a narrower shaft than the open gear tuner which has a solid 14mm shaft. The thicker shaft makes widening...