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    FS VTAB all solid limited edition concert ukulele

    I have a very special Vtab FS-C25 concert sized ukulele with all solid wood, and a gig bag for sale. Unlike the standard VTAB FS-C25, it has custom perfeling and fingerboard bindings, which gives it exceptional eye ball appeal. It doesn't hurt that it sounds great too. Having never been out of...
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    Why Classical Guitars look alike

    They really don't have to look alike. My Romero Creations DHO 6 string is a departure from what you would expect a classical guitar to look like.
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    Wanna play your ukulele in your car?

    Having come up with a way to keep my slippery plastic ukulele from sliding off my lap when playing in my car, I found I also needed a way to hold my sheet music when sitting in the driver's seat. I came up with an inexpensive, and simple fix. Rummaging through my wife's collection of clothes...
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    Fix for slippery plastic ukuleles

    Having recently purchased a Flight Travel ukulele with a plastic body, I found that while it plays nicely, it has a major problem; it’s like trying to hold a wet bar of soap. I found an inexpensive fix. I bought a 4 x 8 inch sheet of grip material from Calolsa Tactical on Ebay for $3.50...
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    Cordoba 21T tenor review

    I recently purchased my first ukulele, a Cordoba 21T tenor. It has a solid spruce top, and laminated ebony sides and back. Having played some guitar, but never a ukulele, I was unsure of what to expect. I should qualify my impressions by stating that my main interest is baroque and early music...
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    Hello from Oakland CA.

    I am not sure what made me purchase my first ukulele, but having not played any instruments for years, I decided to go ahead and get a blemished Cordoba 21T from Butler Music via eBay. It's a tenor with a solid spruce top, and ebony sides and back. It is in perfect condition, and it took a...