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  1. Spieler

    Ukulele Porn (post your uke pics here...)

    Juxtapositions (Bird's Foot Surprise):
  2. Spieler

    Sold: aNueNue AMM2, Continental US Only

    Now sold; thanks, all! ~ S.
  3. Spieler

    Sold: aNueNue AMM2, Continental US Only

    Replied! ~ S.
  4. Spieler

    Sold: aNueNue AMM2, Continental US Only

    For sale: aNueNue AMM2 purchased directly from aNueNue USA September 2020. $325.00 Shipped UPS Ground within the Continental US, payment via PayPal. The first images were taken 9/6, upon the viewing of which I balked at selling-- it's so beautiful, and sounds so good! I took the dated images...
  5. Spieler

    NUD Sadness

    Great news! Out of curiosity, did KoAloha offer any feedback/confirmation regarding the condition of the returned ukulele, relative to their expected standards? ~ S.
  6. Spieler

    Concert Samples -- Which do you like best?

    Thanks for another round! :) 3 4 2 1 (Add me to those curious if the first one’s volume/sonic attackiness is due to microphone placement and/or maybe warranted a microphone placement adjustment due to instrument characteristics. Moon Bird, perhaps…?) Cheers ~ S
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    KoAloha Strings NOW Available

    Thanks, very helpful to know. (y) ~ S.
  8. Spieler

    I finally did it (ukes are made for the car)

    Living on the edge! :D Have fun out there.... ~ S.
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    KoAloha Strings NOW Available

    For anyone who has these strings (or, for @edfiscella :)), how long are the strings in each pack? Is it possible to get two sets out of each pack a la Worth, or just one ukulele per...? Thanks! ~ S.
  10. Spieler

    How do you store your extra strings?

    Mine are here, with various other related doodads and spritzels that tend to accumulate... ~ S.
  11. Spieler

    WTB..... but looking elsewhere

    I haven't bought or sold here yet, but have done so previously on/through other forums specific to other objects of affection. ;) For myself, I'll add: shipping and ETAs are more uncertain than ever right now due to global logistics disruptions and gridlocks near and far. UPS halted all...
  12. Spieler

    How young is too young for a first uke?

    For now, what about, bring in an inexpensive-but-relatively-robust ukulele-- in her favorite color if possible-- tune it to an open chord (pleasing sound with no fretting required), and simply have it on hand for her? Make it as fun/least frustrating/low cost as possible for now, and enjoy...
  13. Spieler

    NUD Disappointment

    I am grateful for this thread, and @Sporky's, if saddened by both. I'm sure there are many of us (most?) for whom shopping in person isn't practical unless already traveling to an area with a robust ukulele store-- and for me even then, so many of the models I've been interested in (and have...
  14. Spieler

    KoAloha Strings NOW Available

    @necessaryrooster, thanks for asking-- I was about to, as I opted not to purchase the strings previously because I didn't want to get used to (and likely love) strings that would be unobtainable going forward. @efiscella, wonderful news! Just to clarify, if possible: are these also the strings...
  15. Spieler

    WTB: Koa Tenor w/cutaway & slothead

    The aNueNue AKK3 looks to be a treat! But does not have a cutaway. @benjoeuke, perhaps take a look at the aNueNue UT1K? (Currently, "Choose from Available" at The Ukulele Site.) ~ S.
  16. Spieler

    Guess I'm in a pissy mood about typing aNueNue.

    Hunh. I'm usually on top of spelling/capitalization/presentation when it comes to specific words, but not this time! Over the past year or so I have watched and read 'most everything I could find online regarding this brand, corresponded directly with anuenueusa . com and The Ukulele Site...
  17. Spieler

    My Beansprout is ready!

    Ah, yes! I've been meaning to double back to that (on Insta) since putting it together-- 517 being so distinctive(! -- as are they all, but: Wow). The headplate was actually a surprise, relative to the seemingly-final woods Aaron had shown me. I love it, too. I chose between these three...
  18. Spieler

    My Beansprout is ready!

    Beansprout carries/installs branded GHS strings: From their store description: I was determined to play in and play out their chosen string set, but found myself arguing with the tension of the A string especially. (If I'm reading the chart @Ed1 has so helpfully provided correctly, the .022...
  19. Spieler

    My Beansprout is ready!

    It's all true! I've had my Beansprout in my arms for just over two weeks now, and may never stop marveling that it's mine. I love how Aaron pulled everything together-- his eye is exquisite. I was especially looking forward to watching him handle the finished instrument and talk about it...
  20. Spieler

    Song/Piece Name, etc.?

    Can anyone help me ID the song/piece Cory first plays on this Hive Hornet, in the video demonstration on this page? (Bottom left on page, the song he starts with....) Thank you for any guidance. ~ S.