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    15 minute session with Alderine

    Hello. I signed up for a private session with Aldrine . What should I expect? Do we just talk? Do I play? I am getting very nervous about it. I said I am having problems with my strumming and switching chords.
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    Second tenor Kala KA-ASCP-T or Ohana 90sc

    I have a koaloha ktm-00 that I love. And a Kala koa elite concert. I am thinking of getting a second tenor. I am also wondering if a second all koa - Kala elite koa tenor would sound significantly different from my koaloha. I am rather intrigued by the different sounds different tone woods make...
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    A stupid question about straps.

    One of my ukuleles came with buttons, so I purchased a strap for it. Do I leave it on or do I take it off after I finish playing? I purchased the strap hoping it would help with this particular uke. My fretting hand hurts after I play, this doesn’t happen with my other ukuleles. It ‘cuts’ into...
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    Do laminate ukuleles need a humidifier?

    I use humidifiers in my two solid wood ukuleles. Do my two laminates need humidors? I live in NYC. The lowest the humidity has gotten in my apartment this winter was 39%. It was usually 40-50%. Thank you.
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    Basic Ukulele maintenance/ care

    I am a relative newbie. How should I be taking care of my ukuleles? I have 3 soon to be 4. Two are laminates,two are solid koa wood. I keep them in cases, lying flat down. I wipe them down with a lint free cloth after playing them and have a humidifier in the solid wood one. I live in NYC.
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    Which to get Kala koa elite tenor or koaloha ktm?

    I had posted asking about Kala koa elite tenor vs two others. Someone purchased the koa elite before I decided. In further looking for another kala elite, I found a gorgeous koaloha KLM tenor. Both are supposed to be in excellent condition. The prices are pretty much the same. I can’t try them...
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    Kala elite koa, Martin t1k or Ohana 90sc tenors

    I am a newbie, I don
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    Hi! New member from NYC

    I have been trying to play for over a year. I have no musical experience. Playing is still pretty awful, but I am slowly getting better. I hope! My first uke was a gift, a Luna blue wave concert. I purchase a sound smith spalted maple concert a few months later. I find the difference in sound...