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    Beautiful David Hanson Sopranino

    Beautiful little sopranino. 11" scale with D'addario Titanium strings. Tuned ADF# B. Made with maple, sycamore, cherry, claro, koa, and rosewood! Nut is 1 1/2" for more finger room. Comes with a sopranino soft case. I love David's work and will never sell the tear drop that he made for me...
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    Kala Exotic Mahogany U-Bass

    This is in excellent condition. Includes gig bag. Can not believe the big sound you can get out of this small bass! 280.00 including conus shipping
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    R&L Soprano Ukulele (bit of a mystery uke to me)

    I do not know much about this ukulele (and can not find much info) on this uke. From what I can find is that they were a small shop in Hawaii that made Koa ukuleles. I believe that the body and neck are both koa, not sure about fretboard. The action is very low, but no buzzes. As you...
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    Bonanza Concert Bonanzalele

    This is a concert sized banjolele made by Bonanza. It is in excellent condition. Conversation starter than looks and sounds great. Only selling due to never seeming to have time to play it. Someone needs to enjoy this. Sold
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    Bruko No. 6

    Excellent condition can not find a mark on it. Has the newer adjustable bridge. Currently strung with Martin's. Only selling due to not being a Soprano guy. Includes Staff case 150.00 shipped
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    Risa Solid Soprano

    Excellent condition (virtually new). Includes case whose strap doubles for the uke's strap. Super small can be taken anywhere. Sold
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    Seagull Merlin M4 EQ

    This is a fun, easy to play instrument. Tuned DADD. Excellent condition. Includes gig bag. Super fun to play plugged in with effects :) 110.00 shipped conus
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    Southern Cross Concert Banjolele for sale or trade

    Very nice hand made concert scale banjo ukulele. Excellent condition and includes a case (little large but I will cushion around it for shipping). Here is the original thread from Southern Cross on this ukulele...
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    Kiwaya KS-5

    Excellent condition (I can not find a mark on it). Looks and plays great. Very easy to play soprano due to its wide nut. Only selling due to trying to thin down the number of Ukes that I have. Will include a Ohana heavily padded soft case which is also in excellent condition. Sold
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    Mainland Mahogany Soprano for sale

    Excellent condition. Setup very nicely and plays great. Found out I just find I need a larger nut. It will come with a brand new hard case (being delivered later this week) to protect it during shipping. Sold
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    Risa Tobacco Burst Semi Hollow Bean Ukulele

    I am the second owner of this very fun ukulele. It is not perfect but looks and plays great. Some minor marks on it but nothing major and nothing that effects the sound and playability of it. Includes a Risa soft case. Sold
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    Looking for a soprano

    Hello all, I am interested in getting a soprano. I think I am wanting a solid mahogany and have been thinking about 4 in particular. Ohana sk38, Mainland, Flight mus2 and Islander mss4. I am certainly open to other opinions as well. Wanting to stay around 300 or less. Thanks in advance for...
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    Dewdrop Concert Ukulele for trade

    SOLD Very interesting uke in very good condition. Has some slight marks on it, but no cracks (pictures should show them) Solid Cedar top, Solid Walnut back and sides. VERY light, with a nice tone. Wide nut and zero fret makes this an easy playing uke. Recently got this to try out the...
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    Vintage Harmony? Soprano Ukulele

    Up for grabs is an older mahogany soprano ukulele. I can not find any name on it, but believe it to be a Harmony from the 40s (please correct me if I am incorrect, it will not hurt my feelings :) ). It is in very good condition for what I believe it's age is. Few light scratches and a small...
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    Kala 10th Anniversary Sweat Pea Tenor

    Making some room for a couple new Ukes. Excellent condition virtually new. Limited Edition 480 of 500. Strung with Living Waters. Looks and sounds great. Includes original box as well. Courios chickens not included 350.00 shipped conus
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    Koaloha Opio Spruce Concert

    Factory Special. Solid spruce top, solid acacia back and sides. Has some light scratches that you can see, but not feel. Has one scratch that you can barely feel. It includes its original Opio gig bag in excellent condition. Also includes Oasis humidifer Have to make some room for a couple new...
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    Pono Koa Acoustic/Electric Tenor

    Pono PKTC-1-E. Very nice condition. Has some minor scratches (right upper, most likely from struming) that are very light. Currently strung with Worth Browns Only selling due to having to make room for a couple new ones coming. 360.00 shipped. If you are also interest in my Hamano...
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    Hamano H100 Soprano Ukulele

    Excellent condition. Looks and sounds great. Solid Mahogany. Currently strung with Martin strings. 160.00 obo including shipping to conus
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    Koaloha Opio Spruce Concert

    Solid spruce top, solid acacia back and sides. Has some light scratches that you can see, but not feel. Has one scratch that you can barely feel. It includes its original Opio gig bag in excellent condition. Also includes Oasis humidifer 360.00 obo including conus shipping Will also consider...
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    MayBell Soprano Ukulele Fantastic condition

    1920s or 1930s Maybell Ukulele. Very nice condition no cracks and only very minor blemishes. I am not sure the friction tuners are original. Solid mahogany with 1 piece neck. 175.00 obo including conus shipping