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    Price increases

    It’s due to the logjam in logistics. Shipping costs have skyrocketed. Manufacturers can’t get stuff from the place where it’s made to the place where it’ll sell due to low supply of shipping containers, backlogs at the ports, and not enough folks to handle the local deliveries (truck drivers...
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    Asonu whale tail uke

    Does anyone have any experience with these? I have always thought about getting one, and then never did because reasons. Am I missing anything fun and awesome?
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    Horizontal ukulele stand?

    Does anyone have a link to where I might find a uke stand that I can use to lay the instrument horizontally? I’m basically looking for something like this, but not as a wall mount. And a touch more minimal.
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    Case without a storage compartment in the neck

    I’ve got some small ukuleles - a KoAloha Noah and a DJ Morgan pineapple. They’re in the sopranino category - sort of. The Noah apparently has a longer neck than your average sopranino. Anyway - I want hard cases for them. Everything I’ve looked at either doesn’t fit because the body is too...
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    Successful concert in Quad City

    I’m not sure what a Quad City is (and I promise to look it up). Congrats on a successful concert! Any forum users featured in this newscast?
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    But how does it sound?

    I think I have a problem. When I read this article, my first thought was whether a ukulele made with this stuff would need a humidifier in the winter.
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    Alpha testers needed, Ukulele website

    Hi, Last October, I asked for some feedback on a ukulele app. I asked because I was planning to apply for a software bootcamp and I needed an idea for my final project. That time is now and the development begins next week. It's a little terrifying. :) What is it? MyUkulele.Info is a...
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    Signatures and ukulele collections

    Hey - I've noticed that a lot of people have their ukulele collections in their signatures. Just wondering...How many ukes do you need to own before it makes sense to add the list? And how'd the whole list thing get started? Was it a challenge at some point? I've got three ukes. I dig...
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    Ukulele Aquisition Syndrome software

    Hi Long time lurker with a first time forum post.... If you saw an app called Ukulele Aquisition Syndrome, what would you expect it to do? Help me buy an ukulele Track my ukulele collection Help me practice my ukulele Help me tune my ukulele Help me catalogue my music Help me sell my ukulele...