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    Uke Republic

    Just want to add as another satisfied customer of Uke Republic. I bought an expensive uke from them last year; they had a competitive price, great pics, did an excellent setup, and shipped quickly. I think (if I remember correctly) they even threw in a free humidifier. Wouldn't hesitate to order...
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    Be careful of scammers on Reverb

    I just got word-for-word the exact same message from another account, but with a different email address. Definitely a scam.
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    Be careful of scammers on Reverb

    Reverb does seem to be pretty good at shutting down the scams. I was selling some stuff last year and I'd get messages from foreign accounts and they would all ask something like "Is this still available?" The first couple times it happened I replied "yes." The account would get shut down...
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    Be careful of scammers on Reverb

    Spelling mistakes, poor grammar, story that didn't make sense, and it was a message from a Reverb account. I don't think you can message sellers without one, can you? Either way, it's weird and I don't trust it. I'll wait for a buyer willing to go through the site.
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    Be careful of scammers on Reverb

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to shoot out a friendly warning of scammers on Reverb. I posted an item yesterday, and this morning I had a message from someone saying they were interested in the instrument as a gift for their boyfriend and wanted me to send them an email to their "work email." I...
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    Uke Like the Pros Online Shop

    Curious what your negative experience with HMS was.
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    FS: Ohana CK-450QEL (Price drop)

    These are great; very sweet-sounding, very comfortable to play.
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    Be wary of potential scammers

    I haven't been on the forum in a while but I definitely still have this uke. Sorry to hear someone tried scamming about it :( Glad you saw the post and were able to call them out.
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    A question about a girl from Oregon

    I've got an all-myrtle six string baritone and I think it sounds great. I don't have particularly strong feelings about tonewoods, though. There are certain sounds I avoid but I'm not sure they're entirely dependent just on woods.
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    Why is Nolyako oddly tuned This should work. It's just a chromatic tuner. Tunes to whatever you want.
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    Tone Woods In Depth

    A good musician can make anything sound good. There are ukes I've heard random people play that I thought sounded just awful, but in a different clip by say, Corey, Kalei, or Mika, that same uke (model) sounded great. It was the first person's playing style that I didn't like.
  12. N Snail :(

    Southern Ukulele Store. They're a shop in England.
  13. N Snail :(

    Do you have to pay it off before you get it, or is it like buying it on credit?
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    Guitalele Forum

    John Kinnard calls it a Kiku. I think the name should slightly depend on the tuning -- if you've got it tuned E to E then it's just a mini guitar. Although along that train of thought; I got a mini electric guitar that can be/is expected to be tuned in various tunings and it's still just that...
  15. N Snail :(

    Can you put one on layaway? Is that even a thing anymore?
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    From Reveille to Taps

    This is really cool, well done!
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    Idiot spammer...

    Hope you feel better soon!
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    Old Uke ID....Harmony?

    Sounds pretty good for a 100 year old "cheap" instrument!
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    Weird 1970's Northern JCD Uke

    Browsing Reverb and saw this listing: What's the deal with the way they've done the strings on the headstock? Is that just an aesthetic thing or will that have an effect on the sound somehow? Also, no bridge? Almost want to...
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    NUD: From Duke of Uke

    I'm not sure you can just take strings off when they're strung in pairs. I had a string off my 6-string (while changing strings) and the missing string made the other one vibrate weird and make kind of a weird sound. Almost like fret buzz but not quite.