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    Using masking tape when changing strings

    I tried using tape once following a video recommendation and I made the mistake as indicated above of using the so-called low tack tan coloured stuff. It left a residue. However, I asked my luthier about it and he just said use spit to get it off as the enzymes are a good solvent. He was right...
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    Affordable video editing software?

    I use HitFilm Express available from FXhome. The free version is very well featured and if you want to expand the functionality you just buy additional modules for what you want as a one off payment. Reasonable cost for those. No subscription. It is very well supported.
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    Best books or ways to learn fingerstyle

    There are loads of books out there. In my collection (google the names to get there) Paul Mansell and Sam Muir put collections together which often range from beginner to advanced within the same book. Both mainly focus on classical pieces but not exclusively so. I have several. Paul's latest...
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    Kiwaya KPC-1M Concert REVIEW

    I suspect that I have played that very instrument. A few months ago I was in World of Ukes with my partner to buy her a concert UKE for a special birthday. Matt showed us a range of five to try and that Kiwaya (or maybe it’s sibling if he has another one) was one of those five. In the end my...
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    A question about a girl from Oregon

    Here is my (lovely!) all myrtle tenor from Beansprout. Number 651. So, same builder as Larry's POC/Walnut tenor above and made at basically the same time. If you listen with decent audio output I guess this situation is as close as you can get to making a meaningful comparison on those tonewoods...
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    Thoughts about tenor high and low G

    Something I have pondered is whether given two ukuleles made with different woods/construction that have different brightness or warmth characteristics would you choose to string the bright instrument with high-G and the warm instrument with low-G to enhance the brightness/warmth or vice versa...
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    Tinguitar Electric Ukulele / Piccolo Bass

    Cheers both. Here is a link Rob the builder posted on his Facebook page of him noodling with it and having fun.... Tinguitar Bass He is a lot better than me! The Hare in the picture above is by my other half's daughter. She is a brilliant felt artist!
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    Tinguitar Electric Ukulele / Piccolo Bass

    This is my latest acquisition which arrived today. It was made by UK Luthier Rob Collins (Tinguitar). It is a tenor ukulele body sized electric instrument tuned as EADG. As it is tuned one octave above the normal bass register you could call it a piccolo bass. About my only input to Rob other...
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    What was the last uke you bought? And what uke are you planning to buy next?

    This is my recently acquired Rob Collins (Tinguitar) Tenor. Specification as in my sig plus the binding is maple with a maple insert in the neck, the fretboard is laburnum and the rosette is walnut. Pictures are from Rob. Very pleased with it indeed!