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    Original Song - Lamy's Song (Fleeting Hearts)

    Hello folks, it has been a while since I have written an original song. Emotional pain has always been the motivator for my music, and I guess I haven't felt this sad in years. Anyway, I hope it is something you can enjoy!
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    Mystery pear-shaped ukulele from Japan - please help identify!

    Hello folks! I was visiting a music store to buy some spare saddles and as I walked past the ukulele section, this instrument caught my eye. And when I picked it up to inspect and play it, I could immediately tell it was a very high quality instrument from the attention to detail in its build...
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    Last Christmas - instrumental cover

    Merry Christmas everyone! Check out this instrumental cover of Last Christmas I did with my friend on Christmas day :)
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    Whimsical Adventure (Original)

    I don't compose often, but there was a composition contest and I thought it would be fun to enter :) An instrumental on various instruments, including the Mahalo Bass Ukulele:
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    Do vibrations to the soundboard improve tone?

    Spinning off from the recent debate that occurred in the Tonerite topic, I am seriously wanting to know whether anyone could plausibly explain the physics behind the old adage that instruments improve in sound from constant playing, since the 'vibrations' of being played improve the properties...
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    Edelweiss (with a Hawaiian feel)

    Hi folks~~ I hope you are all doing well in these times. I live in Melbourne, where we are in a state of 'lockdown' due to the pandemic. On the positive, it gave me time indoors to work on this recording. I hope you like it :)
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    Kanile'a Koa 5-string tenor - Love songs instrumental

    Hi guys! I just received this beautiful Kanile'a Koa 5-string from The Ukulele Site this week amd recorded myself practising some new songs. Hope you enjoy it!
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    Cover Me In Sunshine (P!nk & Willow Sage Hart - Instrumental cover)

    I hope you enjoy my recording. Very positive and happy song! I certainly had fun playing it!
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    Greensleeves and Beloved Tomboyish Girl - Medley on ukulele, ocarina, etc

    First video for me in about 6 months. Glad to finally had some time to record :D
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    5 String Ukuleles - Low-G + High-G or High-G + Low-G?

    I've been interested in 5 string tenors for a while... I really like the idea of having both a high-G and low-G. I play low-G most of the time, and play a number of solo instrumentals that rely on that low-G note. However, I also like the sound of high-G and have a few songs that sound better...
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    High Quality Friction Tuners to fit 7mm peg hole?

    I want to change the stock friction tuners on my ukulele. I've removed one of the existing ones and note that the peghole is about 7mm (maybe 6.9mm) in diameter. However, when looking for quality friction pegs... the peg hole diameter requirement is either too small (eg: Waverley 5-6mm) or too...
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    Ukuleles and Saddle slant type!

    It's only when I got a NEW ukulele (factory setup) with a radiused fretboard that I realised how much I prefer a slanted saddle (slightly higher at the 4th, slightly lower at the 1st). Especially when tuning low-G. My new Enya Feather solid mahogany came with an "arched" saddle to complement...
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    FS: Magic Fluke's Cricket VIOLIN

    Selling a lightly used Cricket violin with all the upgrades: -Pegheads tuners -Piezo internal pickup -Fiberglass bow -Magic Fluke gigbag Solid spruce top, composite body, solid maple neck. and useful accessories: -D'addario Rosin -Spare Pirastro Tonica strings -mute -pitch pipe...
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    FS: Magic Fluke Cricket Violin - Acoustic electric model with pegheads + accessories

    ==no longer for sale== Price: $600 USD including shipping. Brand new with these upgrades retails for around $750 USD Selling a lightly used (purchased in mid 2019) Fluke Cricket Violin (Acoustic electric model with upgraded peghead tuners) and many accessories! Solid spruce top with maple...
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    Lithium internal batteries in instruments (eg: Electric ukulele)

    I was in the market for a fully electric nylon string guitar, and came across the likes of Godin Multiac series (about $1500-2000 price range), Yamaha Silent guitar series (about $600-800 price range). And then I discovered that a company I am familiar with for electric ukuleles do guitars too...
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    Toss a coin to your Witcher - Instrumental

    I think there is some real joy to playing several instruments, and being able to make them work together :) Here is one of my best work so far featuring multiple instruments. What instruments other than ukulele do YOU play?
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    FS: Epiphone Pee Wee Les Paul electric "guitalele" with Gibson Dirty Fingers pickup!

    FS: Epiphone Pee Wee Les Paul electric "guitalele" with Gibson Dirty Fingers pickup! Selling an Epiphone Pee Wee Les Paul mini electric guitar, tuned in ADGCEA just like a guitalele. Pickup and volume pot has been upgraded with a Gibson USA "Dirty Finger" humbucker. Professionally installed by...
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    FS: Risa Uke Solid (tenor)

    Selling lightly used Risa Uke Solid (tenor) $300 USD including global shipping. Only minor signs of aesthetic wear. Currently installed with D'addario Pro-Arte and a Worth clear low-G.
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    Raindrops keep falling on my head (for the troubled times we're in..)

    Hi folks! Here is an instrumental of Raindrops keep falling on my head :D
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    The Show (Lenka) - Instrumental

    How are you all coping in lockdown? Stay safe and enjoy!