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  1. Cornfield

    WTB- Martin 5-17 or 5-18 guitar

    I know that it’s a long shot but some uke player may have a very small Martin 6 string guitar for sale. Not interested in a tenor model. Thanks
  2. Cornfield

    Aurora, IL Uke Festival August 22 A successful festival for three years running as the City of Lights Ukulele Fest, the newly named Aurora Uke Fest offers the same great experience for fans and players of ukulele music in the heart of downtown Aurora. Live performances will occur on the Main Stage at...
  3. Cornfield

    Skype lessons with Lil Rev

    I’ve posted previously about my admiration of Marc. His joy of life is more infectious than the virus. I try to hear him in concert 2-3 times per year. With the virus causing the cancellation of concerts, festivals and meetups, Lil Rev is going to resume Skype lessons. Before he became a...
  4. Cornfield

    Sing along songs for ukulele?

    What are your favorite songs to play that get people singing along?
  5. Cornfield

    Vintage Kamaka 8 string sounds "tinny"

    This is my second vintage Kamaka 8 string. I loved the sound of my first one but sold it when medical issues forced me to stop playing. After the Cleveland Clinic brought me back to the land of pickers and strummers, I bought another white label 8 string. I put Worth clears on it and have pretty...
  6. Cornfield

    December songs for a uke strum?

    I'm gathering songs for our December ukulele strum. Hopefully, we will get a range of tunes, including Christmas songs. I'm looking for songs besides Silent Night, Dreaming of a White.., Frosty, I'll be home for..., Blue Christmas, Two Front Teeth, All I Want For Christmas is You, Grandma got...
  7. Cornfield

    Strum Group Equipment

    Our strum group has been going for several months. Right now, I print out several copies of our songs so that everyone can join in. I also post the music online a week ahead. Sometimes I make last minute changes, adding songs, key changes, lyric corrections. I would like to use a portable...
  8. Cornfield

    Great Lskes Ukulele Gathering in Milwaukee This happens tomorrow. I’m looking forward to having a great time there.
  9. Cornfield

    Re-entrant baritone?

    I have a tenor guitar that isn’t selling so I’m thinking of tuning it like a baritone uke with a high d. Is anyone tuning their baritone with a re-entrant setup? dGBE work? I had this setup on a tenor banjo for awhile so that I could play “clawhammer” style.
  10. Cornfield

    1928 Martin 2-18T tenor guitar

    The size 2 guitar is nearly forgotten. It is smaller than a size 0. Larger than a baritone ukulele but not much. This one has had a neck reset. The sound sample is of me playing it, badly, while tuned in fifths. It can be restrung and tuned in Chicago tuning. his is a rare find. a genuine 1928...
  11. Cornfield

    Tenor Banjo / Baritone banjo uke?

    I have no idea who built this old beast of a tenor banjo. I got it from Aaron Keim, a luthier and the owner of Beansprout . He put a new head on it and made it very playable. I've played it with both steel and nylon strings. At a sing around, I was asked"Is that a...
  12. Cornfield

    Donate to UU?

    I have bought and sold a number of ukuleles (and other instruments) through the UU Marketplace and have always found it to be a great place for sharing the love of musical instruments. Other sites that I use, like Mandolin Cafe, and Resonator Hangout expect a donation after a successful sale...
  13. Cornfield

    Johnson Resonator Mandolin MA-988 - for Sale

    Johnson Resonator Mandolin. This is a big mandolin. I bought it so that if I became proficient enough to play it in public I could say "You don't need a big Johnson to play the mandolin, but it helps". It has a biscuit topped cone. There are no cracks or buzzes from the cone but it sure ain't a...
  14. Cornfield

    Mid-Missouri M-4 Mandolin - For Sale

    This is an older Mid-Missouri M-4. American made Engelmann Spruce top with Rosewood back. The Big Muddy brand M-4 made today is essentially the same instrument. This instrument is in exceptionally nice condition. Plenty of photos available. I've had this for a couple years but not played it...
  15. Cornfield

    FS: 1930’s National Tenor Guitar - Resonator

    This is a National Tenor Guitar that is from the 1930’s. It can be tuned in “Chicago “ like a baritone ukulele, in fifths like a mandolin and in open tuning for people that want to use a slide. This guitar is a blues cannon. It comes with an original case that is solid though it looks like it...
  16. Cornfield

    Baritone Resonator Mya-Moe

    Lil' Rev is selling his baritone resonator Mya-Moe on EBay. I have seen and heard this ukulele many times in the last ten years. It has a phenomenal sound. Gordon and Char made very few resonator baritones and I don't believe any have been made for several years. Look for it if you want a...
  17. Cornfield

    USA - Ukulele Strummers of Aurora

    Isn't that a great name? Ukulele Strummers of Aurora. Yes, we are going to have the first of what we hope will be monthly group strums in Aurora, IL. Where: Bally Doyle 28 W New York St Aurora, IL When: Thursday March 21st 7:30 PM - 9 PM Food and drinks are available. This is a family...
  18. Cornfield

    Lil Rev's Mya Mor Resonator for sale on EBay

    Here is a chance to get Lil Rev's Mya Moe tenor resonator This instrument is featured on several of his videos and CD's. The quilted maple shimmers. It could only be better if it came with Lil Rev's skills and mad fingers.
  19. Cornfield

    Getting a monthly group strum going

    I would like to get a monthly group strum going in my area. I've been to the one they do in Lansing, MI and think that something like that would be popular here. Any ideas on how to get this off of the ground would be helpful
  20. Cornfield

    Monthly Ukulele Workshops in Milwaukee Lil' Rev is going to put on a monthly series of ukulele workshops in Milwaukee. Each one is a 90 minute workshop and each workshop has a different topic.