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  1. Ila

    Long Neck Soprano vs. Concert

    I just want to know ... Is a long neck soprano basically an instrument with a soprano body and a concert neck and fretboard? Like a concert and a soprano had a baby together? Is that it?
  2. Ila

    Are you going to Uke-Con in San Diego?

    UKE-CON is in August in San Diego. I'm going. Anyone else???
  3. Ila

    SOTU 537 – “Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned.”

    SOTU 537 – “Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned.” Greetings, fellow Seasonistas! The contrast of a happy little instrument like the ukulele playing a vengeful tune is just too rich for words. Therefore, this week’s theme is about angry women who’re fed up, who ain’t gonna take it anymore...
  4. Ila

    Just Am, C and F

    What are some songs that only use those three chords? I've done some searching online, and the only ones I've come up with are Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars, and Best Day of My Life by American Authors. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. Ila

    SOTU 531 -- Name Dropping

    Greetings, fellow Seasonistas! This week’s theme is about songs that mention famous or infamous people in the lyrics. For example, there’s Key Largo (“We had it all. Just like Bogie and Bacall,”) or Mrs. Robinson (“Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?”) or We Didn’t Start the Fire (“Joseph...
  6. Ila

    Am I Just Too Uncoordinated to Do This?

    Hi. I've been playing for about 7 months. I just started trying to do some Travis fingerpicking on what should be a relatively easy song, "Daniel" by Elton John. I've been practicing for about a couple of hours a day, for nearly a week, and I simply can't coordinate the chord changes with the...
  7. Ila

    Questions about restringing

    Hi. I've had my first uke for about four months now and today I noticed my A string starting to fray a little. Here are my questions: 1. How often should strings be changed? Every six months? Every year? Ever? 2. If you change strings, do you change them all, or do you only replace...
  8. Ila

    Room With a View of the Blues -- Lou Rawls

    Hi, people. Having difficulty finding the chords for this song. There's a song with a similar title that he performed, but the one I'm searching for is in this video: Thanks for whatever help you can provide.
  9. Ila

    I can't find uke chords for Murder By Numbers

    Murder By Numbers is a song by the Police, written by Sting and Andy Summers. I've scoured the internet and all I can find is guitar chords that are greek to me. Can someone please tell me how to convert this to uke chords that are actually playable? Thank you in advance for any help you can...
  10. Ila

    WTB Used Enya Carbon Fiber Uke

    I am looking for a low price uke for my classroom. Due to crazy temperature and humidity shifts I cannot control, I cannot buy a cheap wooden model because it simply will not last. Please let me know if you have a used Enya in your collection that you're willing to sell. (I'm an elementary...
  11. Ila

    Greetings from Orange County, California!

    I'm brand new to this instrument. I bought my first ukulele (an Enya concert in a very girly pink) three weeks ago, and I'm practicing every free minute I've got. I'm hoping to learn lots as I meander through this forum. :)