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    Be careful of scammers on Reverb

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to shoot out a friendly warning of scammers on Reverb. I posted an item yesterday, and this morning I had a message from someone saying they were interested in the instrument as a gift for their boyfriend and wanted me to send them an email to their "work email." I...
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    Weird 1970's Northern JCD Uke

    Browsing Reverb and saw this listing: What's the deal with the way they've done the strings on the headstock? Is that just an aesthetic thing or will that have an effect on the sound somehow? Also, no bridge? Almost want to...
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    Old Uke ID....Harmony?

    Picked up this old uke in a thrift store a while back; haven't been able to find an exact match for it online. I'm thinking it's an old Harmony. Pics: The body looks like flamed koa. Not sure what the neck is; it's been painted that dark brown. The strings that were on it were strange; the G...
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    Mini electric, E string breakage?

    I got a mini electric guitar kit from StewMac with the intention of making a mini electric guilele. The kit itself was easy to build; all the holes were pre-routed; saddle/neck screws pre-drilled. All there was to do was apply paint/finish to the body, install the tuners, screw the neck/bridge...
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    What's the most unlikely genre of music you've heard a ukulele in?

    Plenty of great ukulele artists have proved time and time again that it's not just a lazy island strumming instrument and is incredibly versatile and can be used in nearly any genre of music. Classical, rock, pop, punk, swing, jazz, folk, funk, blues, hip hop, the list goes on and the ukulele...
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    New MB Up for Auction

    Beautiful piece of work, as always. Glad to see Chuck is still building. HMS Sample and review/tribute to Len: Auction:
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    [SOLD] FS or trade: Ohana CK-450QEL

    Selling my Ohana CK-450QEL. It's a great uke, very sweet sound, but I'm selling to fund a custom purchase. All-solid eucalyptus with abalone purfling and mahogany binding. Mahogany neck with a quilted eucalyptus stripe. Bone nut and saddle, abalone hibiscus inlay on the fretboard. Side dot...
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    Custom Mango Tenor - Heritage Ukuleles -- SOLD

    Sweet Mango tenor made by Jesse Mendes of Heritage Ukuleles on Maui. Made October 2020; I purchased it earlier this year from the Ukulele Lab. Comes with hard case, free shipping. Currently strung with Kiwaya fluorocarbons, low G. Paid $1400, asking for $1100. Willing to do local pickup for...
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    Tenor Sceptre hard case?

    What case do you use with your tenor Sceptre? Mine came in a padded gig bag and I'd like to get a real case for it. I only have one other tenor and it doesn't fit in that case (no idea what brand the case is; there's no logo and it came with a custom I purchased earlier this year). The body fits...
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    Unnecessary tools?

    There are tons of luthier tool websites out there with several companies making specialized, single-purpose tools. What's the most unnecessary luthier tool you've seen? Stewmac keeps putting their fret press caul on sale and I don't get it. When I first saw it, I thought, "maybe it's faster to...
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    SOLD Cocobolo Pineapple Concert

    I'm also selling this on Reverb, but I'll give a discount here. All-solid cocobolo, handmade in Nicaragua earlier this year. Cool pineapple spiked headstock and pineapple-shaped side sound port. Strung with Worth Browns, radiused fretboard. Super smooth geared Grover tuners. Comes with the...
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    Kala owner on Reverb?

    Hi everyone, I was looking at Reverb the other day and came across a uke in a brand I'd never heard of, so I decided to message the seller to ask for more info. He responded back to me, gave me a tiny bit of info about the uke but then also mentioned that he's the owner of Kala. The shop does...
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    CLAIMED Free Kalas, you pay shipping

    Hey everybody, I've got two laminate Kalas taking up space that need to go to a home where they'll get played. Both were purchased earlier this year. Kala Pacific Walnut Concert -- Factory settings. Stays in tune surprisingly well. It mostly just sits around and every now and again I'll pick...
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    Anybody want to sell me a piece of Mahogany for a back?

    I'm repairing an old Vita (I don't think it's the real thing due to lack of manufacturer marks) and the back had some serious cracks in it, so I think I just want to replace the back entirely. Looking for a piece of mahogany to match the sides, but all I can find on tonewood sites are back and...
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    WTB: Vintage friction tuners

    I am specifically looking for a set of the Grover tuners that were used on the Harmony Vita ukes, but I'll take anything similar. Looking to spend $50 or less (including shipping). Thanks! Here's a pic of the Vita tuners:
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    Can anyone ID this uke for me? Some kind of Vita

    Lots of damage that will need to be repaired, but can someone ID this uke for me? There are no manufacturer marks inside that I can see. I've googled "HMD Ukulele" and nothing comes up, which makes me think it was a personal customized inlay.
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    Concert Samples -- Which do you like best?

    Finally got around to recording some concert samples! Same game as last time, listen to the clips and tell me your thoughts. I'll PM whoever participates with the answers as to which ukes they are. Here's the link; hopefully it works this time! Also, please give me some feedback on what...
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    Best thing to use for practice wood?

    Hello everybody, I'm a beginner just starting to get into building. I built a Stewmac kit where everything is pre-cut for you and had a lot of fun with it, but now I want to try making something on my own. I got a lovely batch of wood from LMI (I did have them bend the sides and...
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    SOLD Vintage Kamaka Pineapple

    For sale is a white label Kamaka pineapple, probably from the 70s or 80s. It has a great setup; plays wonderfully with that sweet vintage sound, however there are a few cosmetic issues/damage/defects. There's some dings in the headstock, the right edge of the soundboard, a crack has been...
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    How do you store your extra strings?

    This might be kind of a dumb question, but wanting to try new things, recently I've accumulated a lot of strings. I'm not a super organized person, so for now they're just kinda sitting in a stack on my desk and my cat keeps knocking them over. I'm tired of picking them up. How do you all...