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    YouTube Sound Quality/Accuracy??

    I found an old thread addressing this but decided to revisit and see if anything has changed in 10 years. I watched some uke comparison videos on YT and really couldn't hear much difference in sound quality from uke to uke. A little, but nothing striking. My obvious conclusion was that the...
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    Question About Holding Strapless

    I've always been intrigued by players who hold the uke strapless and whale away on it as I don't understand how they do it without turning the uke into a projectile. Yesterday I read a tip on how to do it. Anchor the butt (base?) of the uke on the bicep, lay the forearm on the soundboard under...
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    "Avoid The Gap" -- ????

    I just did James Hill's "Ready, Steady, Ukulele" course and while I'm not a rank beginner (close, but not quite) I learned enough to find it well worth the princely sum of $1 that I paid for it. In discussing buying one's first ukulele, he made what I thought was an interesting comment. He...
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    Source for Backing Tracks?

    I'm interested in obtaining some backing tracks to practice blues soloing and improvisation over. Nothing extensive, just a few in C and A. I'm aware of a product called Band in a Box but that would be way overkill for me. Any recommendations? TIA
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    Questions re starting UBass ......

    I've been playing the uke for a little over 6 months now and am really enjoying it. Recently, I've started seriously considering trying the UBass because 1) My uke group does not have a bass player, 2) I think that bass may be more amenable to playing my favorite type of music (classic rock)...
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    Gig Bag Suggestions?

    Seeking input on a gig bag. I'm familiar with, and like, Gator Case for around $25-30 but just wondering what else might be competitive, especially if a better deal. I've already returned one "bargain" case ($12) from Amazon that was junk. Thanks!
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    Opinions: Outdoor U Soprano vs Flight TUS?

    I've read a number of reviews of these instruments, and would like to hear from those familiar with both how they stack up against one another as far as build quality, quality of the tuners, intonation, durability, consistency, etc. The Outdoor Uke is significantly more expensive, but is it...
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    Fret spacing Soprano/Concert/Tenor

    I own a tenor and recently strummed a bit on a concert. Some chords, barre chords especially, seemed a little easier to play while others such as the D chord seemed more difficult ("cramped" is how it felt). This made me curious and in looking around the forum it seems like the reason(s) could...
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    Question re Ukulele Boot Camp?

    I've started on UBC as it looks like a good foundation to develop. As a beginner, I don't want to start out with any bad habits so I hope that I can get a question answered. Part of the instruction says: The challenge/goal is to ‘play’ through each Practice Sheet (left to right, top to bottom)...
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    Best way to keep time?

    Ukulele for Dummies suggests using mnemonics to keep time while strumming, then goes on to say that in pieces that contain pauses and/or single notes the mnemonics don't work as well and one should keep time by patting a foot, head nodding, or similar. A dude on YouTube said to keep repeating...
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    Resource(s) for learning blues?

    I've found a few interesting YouTube videos but would like something a little more structured, ie gradual progression from easy to more difficult and ideally with some explanation of what is going on from a music theory standpoint. I found some possibilities with a forum search but given that...
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    Question re beginner ukulele price point??

    Last week on a whim my wife and I attended a beginner ukulele class. The instructor passed out Makala concerts to everyone and we plunked away for an hour. It was a surprising amount of fun and we have decided to try to learn to play this instrument. We are going to start with one and if...