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  1. gkygrl

    WTT: Steinberger Synapse SS-2F (black) for a KoAloha Tenor or Concert

    I've got a guitar for the person who has every kind of guitar ... but this one. I'm loving the Ukulele so much that I am interested in an upgrade from my current Tenors to a KoAloha. I love the look and sound (and story) behind the KoAloha brand. Regarding the Steinberger, I used to live in...
  2. gkygrl

    Hi There - From Sarasota, FL

    Was so happy to find this forum. I stumbled upon Ukulele because our choir was singing the classic "somewhere over the rainbow" and a fellow choir member said she was going to play Uke ... I thought I would learn too and am hooked. I come from a background of folk guitar and Flamenco and...