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    Coconut Water lyrics

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    Microphone is janky, help

    What model Lenovo? If you are not using the computer's internal mic, an external mic should plug into the mic jack, not the headphone's. If there is no mic jack (my Surface 3 does not have one) you would need to use a USB mic. Or, are you using a mic+headset that only has one cable?
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    Tenor tuning on a baritone...

    Here's a somewhat related discussion.
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    Oops I'm developing UAS

    I watched a few of Sergey's videos. It sounds to me like he can sing a low D (1 step below a standard bass low E). That would put you into a drop-D tuning or 5-string (BEADG) territory. I tried detuning my steel wound over nylon uke bass - it worked, but just barely. Another problem is that...
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    How would you make a ukulele sound like an electric guitar?

    If you want just a touch of edginess, try a TC Electronic Spark mini (only 1 knob) booster. Up to halfway, it's a very clean boost. Past halfway, it does not get louder but does introduce some "refined and subtle" overdrive. The bypass switch also functions an a "boost only as long as you...
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    How would you make a ukulele sound like an electric guitar?

    Start with a baritone scale anything...
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    tuning options for baritone

    I love dropped C, as in CGBE. Makes really lush chords. Examples (the "0" in 1220 is the string closest to the floor): A 1220 - D 2232 - E 4100 (A-D-E) C 0010 - F 0211 - G 2003 (C-F-G) B 3402 or 3442 (for E-A-B) Bb 2331 (for F-Bb-C) From above is: D-G-A, E-A-B, G-C-D Cm 0543 Dm 2231 Em 4000...
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    Slotted Bridge...Wound String

    This is a D'addario .028w in a slotted bridge. A knot with a larger diameter than .028" may not fit under, and/or the string may be too wide to go into the slot without damaging the slot.
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    Not Ukulele but worth a watch

    Totally fascinating. But, where's the G&M codes? ;)
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    U bass - looking for a recommendation

    The current Hadean basses do not have that pickup problem. Here are two that are likely to sound like an upright bass: A "23 inch" scale (actually - scale length: 21 5/8") Hadean --> $129+shipping today (11 Oct, 2021): 20" scale F-style...
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    A lil concert from my messy room

    You have a hauntingly lovely voice and a true musical connection. ...skip the "hauntingly." You are wonderful. I give it a Wow!
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    Oh, the soprano...

    Low G on Soprano Scale Length GDAE is same as violin/mandolin. The low G is the same as soprano low G. Here's what resulted in the best string balance for me: Caramel CS419 GDAE Solid Mahogany Top Laminate sides and back D'Addario J6801 .028w (It needed the brightness and attack of the...
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    This immediately came to mind...
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    Blues on a Les Paul Uke I did a copy/paste into G-Chrome and found some of his videos, but the latest was from Apr, 2013.
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    Legal advice

    On this site we can freely share with others our enthusiasm for learning to play music. Many UU-ers are quite talented, and I thank all those 'Seasonista's for their posts. They continue to show us what can be done at every level. Having fun and learning to play the best we can, songs we...
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    Recommendations for DGBE Strings for 19" scale

    D'Addario Pro-Arte classical sets are available in light, normal, hard, and extra hard. The individual string gauges are listed on the label for each. I often choose strings from different sets to get the tension and tonal "string" balance I like. Search for: d'addario...
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    Help I can't stop noodling!

    A lot of "noodling" in this discussion :) That's good. I spent about 2 years noodling around just learning chords that are used in most common sequences: (Maj, Dom7, min, min7, dim 7, and Maj7) in all "playable" keys. (For me, it's C-D-Eb-E-F-G-A-Bb.) During that time I collected perhaps a...
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    NUD: Ken Timms koa soprano

    . Ken! Nice job. I can only dream...
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    Water Resistant For Pacific Northwest Misty Winters

    I really like my Flight TUS55 Mango. Very easy action with a full-bodied tone. I'll probably get the TUS55 Amara for another tuning. About $60 shipped on Amazon.
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    Need new saddle for Harmony Baritone Uke

    I'll start. Loosen the strings to where you can easily move the saddle in the slot. Is it sloppy, or does it fit (stands up at a 90-degree angle) nicely in the slot? If it fits well, you will then need to measure (with a caliper) its thickness (how it fits in the slot), its height (how far...