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  1. Jan D

    Points (new feature)

    Does anybody know what (if anything) we can use our “points” for? Having UAS, GAS, and MAS is bad enough. I’d rather not have to add PAS to the list ... :)
  2. Jan D

    Rare Les Rietfors ukulele

    If anyone is looking for a rare Les Rietfors ukulele, they may want to check out this one that showed up on my local Craigslist today.
  3. Jan D

    Anyone else have TAS?

    UAS was bad enough, but now I seem to be afflicted with TAS -- Tab Acquisition Syndrome. I've only been playing finger style for about 10 months, but I have already collected more than 7 binders full of music, in either tab format or music notation, or both. Thanks to the generosity of many...
  4. Jan D

    More floppy or less floppy?

    I would appreciate feedback from those who can help with the following query. The scenario: Two identical non-wound low G strings, (both fluorocarbon, same brand, same diameter). If one string is on a tenor scale uke and the other string is on a concert scale uke, which one will be (or feel)...
  5. Jan D

    Amazing young ukulele player

    For those who have not heard of Evan J. De Silva, check out this video. This 13 yr old boy is remarkable.
  6. Jan D

    Anyone in Willamette Valley (OR) own a Tiny Tenor?

    After much reading and virtual listening, I find myself seriously smitten with the Tiny Tenor made by Romero Creations. Normally I would never consider buying a musical instrument without playing it first, but the Tiny Tenor may just be the exception. However, I have a very limited amount of...
  7. Jan D

    Strings and Volume

    I've been playing ukulele for a few months now and have a question for the Forum. If I replace the existing strings on a ukulele with new ones (same type and brand), will the volume of the ukulele increase? Or is volume mostly determined by the type and brand of string, rather than the age of...