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  1. morande23

    Diatonic Instrument (Prototype)

    Hi there, just wanted to share this prototype of an instrument I built. I call it the Morande Rambler. *Note This instrument is not properly setup with actual nut / saddle, but my main goal the other day was to build something in one day and be able to play it at the end of the day. 13" scale...
  2. morande23

    Solidbody Electric Ukulele? (Steel String)

    Hi, Just wondering if there is much interest in the ukulele world for a Steel String Solidbody Electric Ukulele? I've previously designed and built the Morande Instruments Electric Angell (Solidbody Electric Mandolin) and with little modification to its design I believe it'd make a sweet...
  3. morande23

    Morande Instruments Father's Day Special! - Shameless Self Promotion

    Hi, I am Peter Morande (Morande Instruments) based in Northfield, Vermont USA. I currently offering a Father's Day Special! Limited Edition - Concert Ukulele (Batch of 4) $550 + Shipping These ukuleles will be affordable, all solid sapele (bodies), with a couple options for: fingerboard /...
  4. morande23

    Concert Ukulele Neck

    Hi UU, just wanted to share some progress I've been making recently on a concert uke neck. I am going to post some pictures and would love any feedback. I am using Mahogany for the neck and a cool piece of maple for the head plate. I chose the head plate mainly because the figuring on it...
  5. morande23

    Beginning Uke Builder.

    Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to Uke Building, but I just wanted to say hello and chat about the Uke building process. Here's a link to my building photos: (More will be uploaded with time) Have a great day. -Peter
  6. morande23

    Hello from Vermont.

    Hello, everyone. I'm Peter from Vermont. I'm new to UU, and happy to be here. I mainly play Guitar and Ukulele, although I first began my journey into music as a drummer. I work at a local music shop in my hometown, as well as beginning to build Ukuleles. If it'd be ok with you guys I'd...