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  1. Ludwig.

    I'm going to make some concert size Ukes

    Thanks! We actually spent our Christmas holidays on the Canaries and this was the only Spanish tune we could come up with. :D
  2. Ludwig.

    I'm going to make some concert size Ukes

    Hey, I just now saw your post. I am that Guy from Germany and I am still happy with the uke. Especially, ever since I tuned it down to Bb. Delightful! Here's a little song I recorded last December for our annual Christmas greetings (in standard C tuning): -->Click!<-- 😇
  3. Ludwig.

    Moving the forum today!

    Thank you! (y)
  4. Ludwig.

    NUD: Custom Laulu Ukulele soprano

    As planned, I already sold one of the centennial Martins (which by the way ended up in re-investing in a Martin Baritone :D ). Anyway, I really hope to pick the Laulu soprano up in person; whenever it's ready and whenever that'll be possible again. I actually sent him the koa myself since I...
  5. Ludwig.

    What's your favorite? (sound comparison)

    So, here's the reveal: I went with #2. (on the right) :cool: As mentioned, they're pretty close but #2 just seemed a bit more "clear sounding" to me, especially at its sweet spot around the 12th fret. Ms Bean mentioned, #2 might be better for "soloing". Well, THAT's me - sitting with his...
  6. Ludwig.

    What's your favorite? (sound comparison)

    A few weeks ago I bought two Martin Centennial sopranos. Today I let one go. Before I put it in its case to leave for its final destination, I recorded a sound demo of both instruments. I think, they're quite similar. Anyway, I did have a definite favorite. #1...
  7. Ludwig.

    FS: Martin Style 1 Centennial Soprano (Europe only)

    I am selling one of my Martin Centennials. Bought two months ago in Finland. Near mint condition; exactly how I received it in September. Only 100 of these have been made in 2017. Here's the link to the original offer: Comes with an...
  8. Ludwig.

    Martin Centennial Rollcall

    Here they are:
  9. Ludwig.

    What was the last uke you bought? And what uke are you planning to buy next?

    I bought a vintage Vita soprano made by Pete Howlett and actually, if UAS doesn't strike again earlier, another one of these, newly made at the end of the year, might be my next purchase. Well, now that I think about it. Does wood count? :D I recently bought this set of koa. No idea yet who's...
  10. Ludwig.

    NUUD: Island Koa Ukuleles Vita Uke soprano by Pete Howlett

    Any chance for pictures? :drool: Here's my Howlett soprano made in 2009:
  11. Ludwig.

    NUUD: Island Koa Ukuleles Vita Uke soprano by Pete Howlett

    NUUD: Island Koa Ukuleles Vita Uke soprano by Pete Howlett (sound demo added) I usually don't do NU(U)Ds but since there are so very few pictures online of these, I thought some of you might be interested. I‘ve been drooling over this for quite some time and finally pulled the trigger last...
  12. Ludwig.

    NUD: Wunderhammer torrefied spruce + Koa soprano

    Congrats! Her sister's with me :D : Anyway, Liam playing your's made me place a new order right away. There's a taropatch coming my way sometime in 2021. :cool:
  13. Ludwig.

    Her Skin – Head Above the Deep (anyone can help me out?)

    Hey there, the Italian band Her Skin is coming to Germany and I would love to do some „promo“ in form of a cover. Anyone can help me out with this? Does not seem too difficult, I am just really bad with this. Thanks and best wishes Ludwig.
  14. Ludwig.

    What Makes a Good Ukulele? (Ukulele Makers around the world answer...)

    Hey there! When I visited the Meet the Ukulele Makers Festival (MUMF) in Wales this year, I talked to quite a few ukulele makers and asked them three questions: 1. Who are you? 2. What makes a good ukulele? 3. What makes your ukuleles special? Here's the result: Liam Kirby: Marco...
  15. Ludwig.

    Claus Mohri anyone? (NUD)

    Guten Tag! ;) I usually do not post NUDs but this one is pretty special. :o I waited over three years and recently (finally!) received my new all maple concert ukulele by Claus Mohri. Claus has been building stringed instruments for over 40 years and is a bit of a legend in the German uke...
  16. Ludwig. is online (for all the German speakers out there)

    Hey everyone! I'm about to start my new ukulele site Since I'm new to Wordpress, the launch of the actual site might take a few more weeks. But I'm online on Facebook already: :D The plan is to establish a site that goes beyond the...
  17. Ludwig.

    FS: Pono Baritone Deluxe Spruce/Magahony (based in Europe)

    Hey there! In the course of current events (Brexit! ;) ) I impulsively purchased a baritone ukulele from SUS in the UK, a Pono MBD-SP, solid spruce top, magahony back and sides. Bought in June, I haven't played it ever since, since I'm pretty sure now that I'll always stay a soprano guy. :)...
  18. Ludwig.

    Jason Arimoto - O Ka Âina

    Anyone can help me out with chords? Thanks :)
  19. Ludwig.

    Installing a LR Baggs Five.O

    Hey there! Since I am planning on playing a few "pub gigs" soon, I will need a pickup in one of my ukes. I have a LR Baggs Five.O at hand and would like to upgrade one of my sopranos. I talked to a guitar shop and asked to install it into my Ken Timms. He said that the he cannot do it without...
  20. Ludwig.

    Ukulele and Lithuania?

    Hey there, laba diena! :) My girlfriend and I are going to spend our holidays in Lithuania this year. Nida to be exact, which is pretty close to Klaipeda. We'll also be in Vilnius and Kaunas for a day or two, I suppose. Does anyone know if there's some kind of ukulele scene in Lithuania...