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  1. Kenn2018

    Kamaka Cases

    I found a place selling Kamaka Ukulele Cases. They are the standard cases that Kamaka has for their instruments. I had been looking for a good quality, wooden covered hard case for two of my instruments when I stumbled across the Kamaka C3 case for one of my tenor ukes. They are available in...
  2. Kenn2018

    Bold Face the Log out

    Bold face the Log out under our user name. And maybe a red color if possible? Log out To make it easy to find when we want to leave the Forum.
  3. Kenn2018

    Used Kamaka Tenor - Should the fretboard be Flat?

    I'm looking at a used 2014 Special Order Kamaka Tenor. The ebony fretboard has a concave bow in it. Is this correct?
  4. Kenn2018

    Formula 1 Racing

    George Russell has put the Williams P2 on the grid in Spa, Belgium in the rain!!!!! Outstanding lap. Hopefully, Lando Norris is OK after his shunt in Q3. It should have been stopped before he went out.
  5. Kenn2018

    No Way to Edit or Delete a Comment or Reply

    Really need to be able to edit or delete comments and replies.
  6. Kenn2018

    RISA Electric Uke Case

    Just stumbled across this listing on Reverb. Thought it might interest anyone who has solid electric ukes. I have not seen nor bought one, but they look pretty nice and may fill a need for some Forum members. From the Listing: Risa ABS Hardshell Case for Tenor Electric Ukuleles $100 plus $40...
  7. Kenn2018

    Interview with Rob Collins of Tinguitar

    Written article/interview with Rob Collins. About his background and instruments.
  8. Kenn2018

    Pono Offering Indian Rosewood Bodied Ukes Again

    Two of my favorite tenor wood combinations are a Spruce or Cedar top with a Rosewood body. There are some new Pono tenors on HMS' TUS (The Ukulele Site) with Indian Rosewood bodies and Cedar tops. My all-time favorite Pono is my RTC(S)-PC Englemann Spruce top and Rosewood body cutaway Tenor...
  9. Kenn2018

    SUS Compares the Kamaka, Ko'Aloha & Kanile'a Tenors

    Just saw this today hours after it was first posted: Southern Ukulele Store compares three current models of koa tenor ukes: Kamaka HF-3 Ko'aloha KTM-10 (Satin version of the KTM-00) Kanile'a K-1T I have to say, Alex does a good job. Like him, I...
  10. Kenn2018

    Clip On Tuners

    I've always wondered if holding the neck or having weight on a Neck strap affects the tuner clipped to the headstock of my tenor uke? They work by sensing vibration. But if my hand or pressure from the strap, especially one attached at the headstock, dampens the vibrations in the neck, will...
  11. Kenn2018

    Hive Hornet Tenor at Gryphon

    Beautiful Redwood Maple Hive Hornet at The Gryphon. The Redwood Birdseye Maple combination is beautiful in looks. The sound is described to be: "...a combination that produces a rich, mellow tone with a nicely...
  12. Kenn2018

    A String Owie

    Dang! I changed the strings on my aNueNue last night and the A-string snapped and drew blood. First time I've ever had that happen with a set of Living Waters strings. And I've strung my tenors 50 or more times with them. [Well except the time when I over-tightened the string too much.]...
  13. Kenn2018

    Custom Martin Videos from Ukulele Friend

    No, I have no affiliation with Shawn or Ukulele Friend, though I did buy a tenor from him once. He has a Martin Custom Style 3 Spruce/Rosewood Concert for sale on his site. Along with with two videos of it being played. It sounds glorious...
  14. Kenn2018

    New PayPal Policy Updates

    Just received this from PayPal. Here are few of the changes: Policy Updates This page displays policy updates informing users in advance of important changes to the PayPal service, its User Agreement, or other policies. Please go to “Past Policy Updates” for previous policy updates...
  15. Kenn2018

    Does Watching Professionals Perform Make Us Better Players?

    When I used to play a lot of tennis,(I was never very good.) several studies by sports medicine and psychology groups showed that watching professional matches in person or on TV actually improved a person's performance afterward on the court. I scoffed when I first read that, but it was...
  16. Kenn2018

    Delayed Shipments

    The riots and unrest combined with the virus, have caused shipments to be delayed here in the US and Canada. Yes, there are riots North of us as well. So be aware, if you are like me, and awaiting a ukulele. It may be late in arriving. But that is a small thing compared to what is happening...
  17. Kenn2018

    NUAD* Godin MultiUke - A Hard Case that Fits!

    *New Ukulele Accessory Day A hard case for my Godin MultiUke! I’d been looking for a hard case that would hold my Godin MultiUke for over a year. I finally found one: Fremont Square Tenor Hard Case. The fit is snug, but the foam in the sides is soft and squeezes down so there’s about 1/4”...
  18. Kenn2018

    Four Moore Bettah Ukes at Ukulele Friend

    I've never seen this before, except at Chuck's Website. has four Moore Bettah ukuleles for sale. Three Tenors and one Soprano. All lovely and not too much bling.
  19. Kenn2018

    Mim is Starting a List of Performers Now Offering Lessons

    Social Distancing getting you down? If you feel cooped up or stir crazy, may I suggest some ukulele lessons? Gigs and fests have been canceled, so a lot of VERY talented people have time to share their skills with you! I am compiling a list here:
  20. Kenn2018

    Hive Spruce & Rosewood Tenor at HMS

    Just wanted y'all to know has a Hive Spruce Rosewood tenor for sale. Fantastic.