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    WTB: Koaloha concert pikake

    A uke with a warped neck and arthritis has left me with a need for a new go to uke. Looking for a koaloha concert pikake. Would also consider a tenor. Expect I need to find an older one with some condition issues as $ is a limiter. As long as it’s not a neck problem and it can have low action...
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    Original: If I Needed Someone

    Original song: Hope you like! Jeff Originals playlist
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    Using playlists to group an OP

    (Title was chopped off but can’t be fixed) I’ve been thinking about the idea of using playlists here on UU. What I mean specifically is the idea of people who post single song efforts using a playlist to allow forum users to easily find and listen to whatever number of songs that have been...
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    Like A House In A Flood

    Original song Like A House In A Flood Wake up in the morning to find it all started without you meet people and talk, they know nothing about you as if you went back in time changed something small now here you are you know no one at all How could it all go wrong from something seems so...
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    I may have Reverse UAS!

    I might have Reverse UAS! I like my beat up old white label Kamaka concert so much that I am afraid if I bought another uke I might just feel silly. If it wasn’t for concern that the warped and twisted neck could be bad for my aging hands I don’t think I would be considering this at all. On...
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    Throwing Rocks At Heaven

    Throwing Rocks At Heaven. An original tune. Hope you enjoy.
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    Peterson Strobo Clip hd $27.00!

    Peterson Strobo Clip hd at Musicians Friend $27 w/tax and free shipping. Cheapest price I’ve seen previously was $60 + tax from same place.
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    Need info on top refinishing

    I have a very beat up white label kamaka concert. Original finish on the top is almost all gone but there are still remnants of finish inside some part of the grain lines. Move the uke and they are evident and shine as light catches them. I gave it a go with 0000 steel wool but the finish won’t...
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    No Two Sides -original song

    No Two Sides. An original song. Played on Kamaka concert. Worth Clear Medium strings. Song lyrics further down the thread Please, someone, let me know if link doesn’t work. For some reason I’m not sure of it always worked...
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    She calls it an ookalahooky

    She Calls It An Ookalahooky (I Don’t Care). An original tale of true love.
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    My $60 Kamaka White Label Concert

    Pic 2 shows it wasn’t perfect to begin. Maybe if it was “perfectl” they would have taken better care of it and it wouldn’t be mine now!
  12. J

    My $60 Kamaka White Label Concert

    Pic 2 shows light reflecting where crack is raised. Pic 3 Someone scribbled on the label!
  13. J

    My $60 Kamaka White Label Concert

    Pic 3 is where it was stepped on. The two curving cracks didn’t sit flush. I had to carefully scrap out the old glue and apply pressure to get them level. It was a frightening experience. Pic 5 shows how low the saddle needed to go.
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    Need pic posting help

    Can someone please tell me how to post pics from my IPad to an existing thread? Files are in whatever size iPad shoots in. Pic on page or linked to a host. Whatever works and is simpler. Searched but didn’t find. Thanks
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    My $60 Kamaka White Label Concert

    This is the story of my $60 Kamaka white label concert. I list many (but not all) of its flaws. Don’t take this as complaining because I am well aware that every indignity inflicted upon this instrument brought it closer to my price range. I’ve played it virtually every day for the two or three...
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    SoundCloud problem- need audiofile hosting help

    Need advice on uploading audio files. I uploaded two songs to Soundcloud. Checking the links to them at first worked fine with each link only bringing up the intended song. Song ends and that’s it. Just what I wanted. Next day the same link plays the intended song and then instead of ending it...
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    I’m not gonna lie!

    Ukuleles are like potato chips, you always want more. I was once watching a hotly contested sports event and I had no potato chips to help me get through so I started eating an ukulele. I’m not gonna lie, it tasted terrible, but I wanted more!
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    Anuenue ut1-k

    The Ukulele Site has an Anuenue ut1-k you can see and hear halfway down on their home page where they show new arrivals. It is my favorite sounding Anuenue so far. Solid koa. No bling. What do you think?
  19. J

    Favorite uke now on The Ukulele Site

    Tyde koa concert. Great looks but it’s the sound. Yours?
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    Recent “The Ukulele Site” hang out videos- thanks Andrew!

    I’ve been enjoying the “hang out” type videos from Andrew and crew that have begun to show up lately. Lots of good content and fun. Sometimes I feel like I’m in the room with them. Other times I wish I was.