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    Crack in top - Tenor Englemann Spruce

    Hey all, just looking opinions on what might have gone wrong here. I built this last year and just the other day I noticed two cracks running from the bridge to the tail. It almost looks like the cracks are on the same growth ring of the wood. Based on the location I think the rotation of the...
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    New Baritone Scale solid body

    Hey out there in Ukeland. I just completed this build. It all started when my brother in law said. I have a piece of maple for you..... The neck through is the maple. The wings are Engleman Spruce. The hardware is from CB Gitty. I am still working on getting the setup sorted out. This is a...
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    Warped Finger Board

    Thanks all for the responses. I decided to ask for another fingerboard as I am not confident in the building process. The luthier agreed and will send me a new one. The warp is definitely a twist. The attached image shows the unfinished body and neck.
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    Warped Finger Board

    I measure the warp as 1/4 inch over the 20 inch scale. To me this looks very warped. Thanks for your input.
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    Warped Finger Board

    He all, how difficult is it work with a warped finger board? I am thinking of soaking it and then clamping it flat to try and correct the warp before I add the frets. Am I asking for trouble? I am building an electric baritone ukulele and bought the finger board from a reputable luthier. He...
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    Neck back bow during build

    Hmmm, maybe this one will work. Upon further inspection the change in direction happens where the neck meets the body. If i place a straight edge along the neck it sits about 3 mm above the location of the bridge. I don't think it is as bad as first thought. I may need to use a higher bridge...
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    Neck back bow during build

    What do you think is the best way to fix a 5mm back bow on the baritone ukulele? Heat gun and bend back? Carve a channel and Install a rod under the fingerboard? Remove back with heat and straighten? I noticed after I glued the back on the neck has a back bow. I should have held the neck...
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    Nud, Nud

    Hey UU folk, just thought I would share my completed Tenor builds. These where just a blast to build. Props to Hana Lima Ia for their book, it was a great help. Also thanks to all the posters who shared their ideas and experiences! Although not perfect they sound pretty good. Cheers!
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    Hi all from Abbotsford British Columbia

    Pleased to be a member.