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    Review- Pono Deluxe Tenor Pineapple Ukulele

    No flaws that I can find. May be selling this one and a few others. In the market for a new bass guitar.
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    < $200 Soprano with Traditional Hawaiian Sound ?

    Ohana SK-38. Mim will set you up, literally.😉
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    Oh, the soprano...

    Yes. My thoughts exactly Jerry.
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    Oh, the soprano...

    I have been playing a lot of soprano lately. It is so comfortable to play on the couch while watching sports. I love my Ohana SK-38 I purchased from Mim over three years ago. It is a vintage Martin copy. I have owned an older Martin in the past. This Ohana looks, plays and sounds better than...
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    Review- Pono Deluxe Tenor Pineapple Ukulele

    Check out this new review of a mango Pono. This is my first mango uke. Check out my thoughts here-
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    NUD Disappointment

    My thoughts exactly.
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    Comparison- Laminate vs Solid Wood Ukulele

    In this video I compare the sound of two Ohana ukuleles. One is a laminate wood and one is a solid wood.
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    PA and KY Uke Festivals

    KY Uke Fest is in Sept and Funky Frets Uke Fest is in Oct. in PA. Anyone attending either one? I have attended many Allegheny Uke Soiree’s but that is all. I would appreciate any insights or recommendations about the festivals or lodging.
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    Review- Ohana Cynthia Lin Concert Ukulele (CK-14-CL)

    New review posted of one of the Ohana Cynthia Lin concert ukuleles-
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    Unboxing- What Do We Have Here?

    A new video showing my unboxing of a new concert uke.
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    New Review of the concert scale Ohana Vita Uke

    I have a new ukulele video up! It is a review of the concert scale Ohana Vita Uke (VKC-70). You can see it here- Enjoy!
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    Two Soprano Ukuleles for Sale

    Koaloha Soprano Ukulele for Sale I have a Koaloha Soprano Ukulele for sale. You can view the video here-
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    Comparison- Standard Baritone vs Baby Baritone

    I finally got this video done and uploaded comparing the sound/volume of my Makala baritone to my Ohana baby baritone. Check it out here-
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    How To Turn A Tenor Ukulele Into A Baby Baritone

    I finally received my strings and got them installed on my tenor uke. Check out this video to hear the results.
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    Review- Ohana Tenor Ukulele (TK-39)

    Here is my review of the Ohana TK-39. I really like this ukulele!
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    Review-Ohana CK-38 Concert Ukulele

    I just finished a review of the awesome CK-38 by Ohana. You can see and hear it here-
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    Koaloha Soprano Review- An Unexpected Outcome

    My review of my new Koaloha soprano ukulele.
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    Farida Ukulele

    I’ve been looking at some different Ukes made in the style of Martin. I found Farida on Elderly’s site. Anyone here have one? Your thoughts on quality, sound and playability if you do. If you do please let me know which model you have. I am looking at sopranos.
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    Unboxing- My Favorite Brand

    An unexpected video of me unboxing my new ukulele. It is my favorite brand from Hawaii. Link-
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    2021 Allegheny Ukulele Soir

    Allegheny Uke Soiree I just received notification that the Allegheny Uke Soiree will be virtual this year. Mark your calendars- Sat. May 1. Should be fun. Will be via Zoom. Now I have to figure out how to use Zoom. :D