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  1. Gmontema

    A UAS meme!

    Commas make all the difference! :cool:
  2. Gmontema

    I lost my Kamaka Gold Label Pineapple on Southwest Airlines!

    Stuff Happens! My abused (by someone else but repaired/improved by me) Kamaka is out in the wind! She’s an amazing looking and sounding instrument and now has gotoh UPTs. It even had the cool deluxe and distinctive white binding. Wherever she ends up, I hope she is well played and well loved...
  3. Gmontema

    Interesting video about Petros ukulele

    I accidentally posted this in Marketplace. Whoops. This video is great for those interested in learning more about some of the most interesting and pricey ukuleles out there. I hope all find some enjoyment!
  4. Gmontema

    Interesting video about How Petros ukulele

    This video is great for those interested in learning more about some of the most interesting and pricey ukuleles out there. I hope all find some enjoyment!
  5. Gmontema

    New old stock KoAloha spotted in San Jose, CA

    I was is San Jose for a little while and while I was there, I stopped into the Ukulele Source. While there, I noticed that they had a pre-2016 KoAloha koa pineapple soprano KSM-01 for sale for around $1K after tax. Wow. It was beautiful with the crown fretboard (maybe koa...definitely not modern...
  6. Gmontema

    NUD - *rough* 1930’s Kamaka historic mahogany pineapple

    Despite some poor eBay strategy I lucked out by ending up with this 90 year old uke for about $200. It’s rough but it’s a pineapple and it’s cool to think that maybe Sam Kamaka himself made it. Here is a YouTube sound sample So now I have to figure out what to do with this “Historic Mahogany...
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    eBay Ukulele War Stories?

    I’m in the middle of an eBay battle right now. Days of no activity and then pow, big time escalations in price. I’ve put in my “max” offer and now I’m just waiting as it fast approaches with all of the bidding activity. Have you ever been happy to “miss out” on a special uke? Have any of you had...
  8. Gmontema

    NUD: Makai PC-71 solid spruce top concert pineapple

    I just picked up this beauty at an amazing price point ($110 + $20 shipping) as a gift uke. It sounds great with the new Aquila red strings. It plays great with good action (a touch high) and perfect fret dressing. It’s pretty balanced in terms of tone with some punch and some decent bass but...
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    NUD - What to do with an abused gold label Kamaka (besides play it)?

    I spontaneously picked up an abused and cracked gold label Kamaka. Why? Partly because I was interested in a vintage instrument and also because I jumped at the chance for a $300 Kamaka (after tax). I also happened to have a great performance review and so I felt like treating myself. However...
  10. Gmontema

    String diversification coupled with UAS/SAS

    Like many on this site I’ve tended to upgrade all my ukes to “higher end” strings immediately upon acquisition. My go-to strings have been Warm sounding Worth Clears and now the Martin fluorocarbons in the yellow package. A lot of folks on this board go with the Worth browns so I went ahead and...
  11. Gmontema

    Random thoughts on a spontaneous uke purchase

    On a family trip earlier this month, we strolled into a music store (like we always do) and I proceeded to play all of the ukes in inventory. After playing the selection, my wife saw my face change when I played the KoAloha pineapple. It was was $900+ Before tax. I guess I pouted a little bit...
  12. Gmontema

    Interesting article on luthiers, wood selection, and player impact on tone Six ukulele builders from around the world — including Fallbrook’s John S. Kinnard — were appointed a task. Using the same sheets of wood from two old-growth trees, the men were invited to build...
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    A KoAloha tuner question

    I just got a new KoAloha soprano and it is a fantastic sounding uke. It’s brand new, but it’s a pre-2016 model (likely with original strings). So my issue is that I’m having trouble tuning the c string and getting it just right. Basically, a very slight twist makes it way too sharp and then I...
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    What was your starter uke? Do you still play it?

    Sorry if this theme has already been discussed. Newer members may appreciate the thread. Mine was a Córdoba 15cm @ $99. I stopped playing it when I upgraded. I even contemplated selling it. Then I changed the strings to Worth clears and I had it strung low G. Now it is back in the rotation. I...
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    Very Old Kia Sherman Clay & Co

    Hello, I have the opportunity to purchase a very old Sherman Clay & Co ukulele for less than $1,000. It is the one on the left. . Does anyone know where I could find out if that’s a reasonable price? Thanks for all of the guidance!
  16. Gmontema

    Iriguchi - a unique and velvety sound

    If ever you have the opportunity, I recommend that you give an Iriguchi ukulele a pick and strum. The sound is rich and velvety...maybe like Shepard’s pie on a snowy evening after a day spent shoveling snow. Mine is made of birdseye maple and poplar. It offers unique looks while pro it’s and...