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    Hi from Union, Washington,

    Welcome frankeye! Don't sweat it. It's all ok.
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    Greetings from Orange County, California!

    Welcome Ila!
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    Hello from Los Angeles!

    Welcome Rackmo!
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    Hello from Virginia

    Welcome Mike!
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    Where am I

    Welcome banjofred!
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    Hello, everyone. Nice to meet you.

    Welcome Voran!
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    Recommendations for DGBE Strings for 19" scale

    I like the UL soft tension for the feel.....but me thinks the hard tension has a bit more "ping"
  8. stevejfc

    Recommendations for DGBE Strings for 19" scale

    Uke Logic Baritone strings with smooth wound low D . Also, you can buy their low D separately and pair with Living Waters GBE strings.
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    New to UU But Need Help with Vintage

    Welcome Mermaidtutu! What is your general location? Perhaps we can recommend someone locally who can assist and evaluate the instrument.
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    David Green

    Welcome David!
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    Hello from North West Uk!

    Welcome Boomboomboo!
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    Hey I’m the new gal

    Welcome Danielle!
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    Hi from Madrid

    Welcome Emma!
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    Welcome Solont!
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    Greetings from Long Beach, CA

    Welcome Jon!
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    Hello from the OC

    Welcome Mike!
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    Greetings from Okinawa

    Welcome Rob!