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  1. EDW

    Flight WUS-4 Soprano - REVIEW

    I have not seen these available anywhere, but perhaps I missed them with the number of instruments out there
  2. EDW

    Ukulele Instruction

    If all else fails.........El Kabong!
  3. EDW

    Style 3 Myrtle Soprano

    Yes, that is always the case ;)
  4. EDW

    Kiwaya standard vs thinline sopranos

    I agree that the KS1 sounds a little richer and warmer. The KS-0 sounds quite good and has nice clarity and note separation. Those laminate Kiwayas (KS-1, KS-5) are terrific instruments. I always think that they sound better than many solid instruments you find out there. I have let a couple...
  5. EDW

    Ukulele Instruction

    Good points. It really muddies things when that is not the purpose of the session. Perhaps they can set aside a half hour before or after for any of those who wish to connect with this person
  6. EDW

    Style 3 Myrtle Soprano

    Beautiful work!
  7. EDW

    Oops I'm developing UAS

    Only if you have neighbors you don't like!
  8. EDW

    Thought I would see how all the ukes are doing and any the building/buying. How is the Donaldson...

    Thought I would see how all the ukes are doing and any the building/buying. How is the Donaldson coming along? I remember you had a Concert10. Nice looking one He says these sound more soprano-like. Did you find that to be the case or does...
  9. EDW

    WTB: Kiwaya KTS-4 or KTS-5

    There is one listed at
  10. EDW

    WTB: Vintage friction tuners

    I you cannot find them, you might use these new ones that are well made and look the part
  11. EDW

    WTB - Kiwaya KTS-7

    The Kiwayas seem to be a bit scarce these days in the US. They are great instruments! Good luck
  12. EDW

    disappointed in my new Kamaka HF-2 Concert Ukulele

    The Nyltech are excellent strings
  13. EDW

    Harmony Ukulele question

    You can see some options and string choices (including uke tuning) on this page
  14. EDW

    Harmony Ukulele question

    It is an arch top tenor guitar. You can see pics of some others here
  15. EDW

    It's a new eBay record

    I saw that. Crazy!
  16. EDW

    Anyone tried the Martin HPL concerts?

    I will be interested in hearing more reviews and some videos/sound clips. Some of those online (including those from Martin) are not a great example. The soprano 0XK and 0X bamboo are great playing and sounding instruments.
  17. EDW

    She's Rather Be With Me (Turtles)

    The consistency and level of quality of the Beatles work was amazing. They really upped the game for everyone else. Even with lesser artists, It was lots of fun to get the big picture of where the musicians were as artists at a given point. The full album paints a much bigger picture. Yes...
  18. EDW

    She's Rather Be With Me (Turtles)

    Yes, it really expanded your listening. It was also a different experience to buy an album and hear all of the tracks rather than only buying one song.
  19. EDW

    Ian Chadwick's vintage sheet music collection

    For anyone interested, the site is
  20. EDW

    Vintage Ukulele Buying Tips

    Yes, that uke from Bob is a very good price