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    Ok. I can’t get any farther ahead with information on my taropatch. I wish the maker had branded their name inside on the neck or tail block. Would have helped out immensely. It fretboard just looks so much like all the Martins I have seen. Haven’t seen one this long though. I’ve prepped a...
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    Vintage guru’s

    Ladies and gentlemen. I’m seeking your undisputed knowledge to the whereabouts of the “all knowing”; the ukulele encyclopedia and master of the word. In a nutshell, I need to find out who can give me information about my SS Stewart taropatch ukulele. If this isn’t the best place for information...
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    SS Stewart Taropatch

    Got some information about possible maker and year from mandolin cafe. I hope a wider ukulele membership can help fill in some of the history. I didn’t want to do any work on it yet bc I don’t know anything about it. I bought concert strings (octave pair) the scale length is 14 5/8”. 17 frets...