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  1. bunnyf

    Strings for fifth tuning

    Has anyone tried any strings for fifths tuning (on soprano) other than the one specialty set by Aquila? I love the tuning but I don’t like the tone. Are there any better alternatives out there? I don’t mind if I need to hodgepodge a set together from single strings. What are you guys using?
  2. bunnyf

    Taimane spotting

    I always enjoy these playing for change videos (fav is Ripple). Just saw Taimane on this one.
  3. bunnyf

    Neck separation

    I just noticed this “crack” at the neck joint of my LoPrinzi soprano. There is a black binding around the neck joint and it appears to be separating along that binding on both the bass and treble side, starting from the back. Is this something I can re-glue myself and if so, how?
  4. bunnyf

    Hankrin' for a resonator?

    Anyone else out there hankrin' for resonator. I'm seriously tempted to pull the trigger on a vintage tenor resonator, round neck
  5. bunnyf

    PONO UL4-30 steel string BIG baritone/tenor guitar

    I've enjoyed this instrument but am playing a lot more mandolin and regular guitar and am most comfortable with the much closer spacing of those instruments. This instrument has the neck width and string spacings of a typical ukulele, which others may find to their liking. Anyway, it's in good...
  6. bunnyf

    fifths tuning revisited

    I’ve read previous threads on fifths tuning but wanted to check again with folks who have perhaps been using gdae on sopranos for a while now and see how you guys have been doing with the high e. I’ve got the other three strings covered. I tried the Aquila specialty set for this tuning twice...
  7. bunnyf

    Aaron Keim Uke-fest

    I just wanted to share this video of Aaron Keim at the Arizona Uke-fest. He’s a talented musician and a great teacher. I have learned alot from his tutorial videos and especially like his ebook on fingerstyle ukulele...
  8. bunnyf

    Buffett singing National Anthem at playoffs today

    Wow, I know Jimmy Buffett has never been known for having a stellar voice but boy oh boy, my husband said “who is that? he stinks”. I told him that I thought they said Jimmy Buffett but I had to double check cuz I thought I might have been wrong…but I wasnt. I was a little embarrassed for him. I...
  9. bunnyf

    Pono UL4-30

    I’ve had this new-to-me Pono TG for a few weeks and just want to say what a lovely instrument it is. I play it whenever I don’t want the hassle of bringing a big regular guitar to jams but want more volume and sustain than I would get from my ukes. Nicely done Pono!
  10. bunnyf

    NUD: kinda

    New to me Pono steel string baritone nui/tenor guitar just arrived! Xmas present to myself. A special thanks to DownUpDave for giving me a heads up about this one being on MC classifieds. It has joined the herd.
  11. bunnyf

    5ths tuning with steel strings

    I was thinking about putting one of my sopranos in mandolin tuning. I saw this post by a luthier on Mandolin Cafe, suggesting the following steel strings that would work tension-wise with reg.uke bracing: 0.0070 in. plain steel 8.26 lbs (PL007) 0.0100 in. plain steel 7.51 lbs (PL010) 0.0170 in...
  12. bunnyf

    WTB-Pono steel string bari

    I’ve been patiently waiting for one to come in stock at HMS or another vendor but I’m getting a little antsy. I’d prefer to buy used actual anyway (I like a bargain). A little playing wear is fine by me. I take care of my instruments but I do play the heck out of them, so they would get there...
  13. bunnyf

    high g baritone strings

    I thought I’d give gcea tuning on one of my baris a try. I got a pack of Aquila Lava high g for bari sets but was uncertain as to what octave they get tuned to. So, I thought I’d check in with more knowledgeable folks.
  14. bunnyf

    He Mele Aloha

    FS: Hawaiian songbook. Spiral-bound edition. It's in nice condition. All the pages inside are unmarked or highlighted in any way. They are crisp, uncreased, unworn. The cover is serviceable but show some wear on the binder-side corners (I tried to picture it). $35, shipped to CONUS.
  15. bunnyf

    Pre amp question

    I know very little about amplification but have found myself in situations lately where I need to be amplified. I usually play my Pono Bari with MiSi pickup, right into my Roland Street cube and have no problem. I've wanted to also be able to play my LoPr sop amplified and so I had a MiSi put in...
  16. bunnyf

    Pickup problem

    Didn't know whether to post here or in luthier's lounge, but I'm having an issue with a pickup. I just had a MiSi trio put in my LoPr soprano. I have had the same pickup in other ukes and have actually self installed one with no issues. Plugged this one in when I came home from the guitar shop...
  17. bunnyf

    WTB: Flea or fluke

    I'm looking for any size flea or fluke (sop. or con.flea probably being my first choice). No frills, plastic fretboard. It's for a very young grand-daughter. It does not need to be in great shape, as I'm sure it will get much wear and tear in the hands of a youngster. Anyone have something that...
  18. bunnyf

    UH-OH! Amp not working

    Well, I lent out my amp (Roland street cube). Just tried plugging in today, and all I get is a loud buzz. I'm not very tech saavy, so I'm asking you all who might know, is this something fixable or am I wasting my time and money taking it somewhere to have it looked at?
  19. bunnyf

    Boo hoo! 1st crack

    I opened up the case of a uke I don't play too often and boo hoo there was a crack. It's on the cedar top of one of my baris, from the bottom of the lower bout up toward the bridge. I live a block from the Pacific on the central coast so I'm thinking not humidity but maybe temp change (we've had...
  20. bunnyf

    Suddenly too low

    Wierd thing happened to me tonight while performing. I played a song I've done a million times and suddenly it was too low for me. I got through it but it was just such a strange feeling. I'm very careful selecting the right key for any particular song, so it really surprised me. Don't know if...