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  1. Muybien04

    Year of Ukulele "Run Streak"

    I've been kicking around this idea for a little while. I want to give myself a challenge to learn a new song each week for a year. I spend a lot of time noodling around and end up learning parts of songs but never finishing or really nailing it. Starting off pretty easy with Picking Herbs by...
  2. Muybien04

    Someday My Prince Will Come

    Considering doing a weekly video, forcing myself to learn a new song each week. I tend to noodle and have a few that I just haven't finished. Here's Someday My Prince Will Come from the book "Ukulele Jazz" Bonus - a few outtakes from some neighborhood noise 🤣
  3. Muybien04

    Georgia on my Mind - Duets for One

    Inspired by @donboody to record myself playing Georgia on my Mind from James Hill's "Duets for One." This one's for @plunker to get out their copy!! Did it in one take so pardon the mess 😅
  4. Muybien04

    Air Air vs Air Blue

    Hey everyone, I was curious if anyone knows the main differences between Anuenue's Air Air pick up and their Air Blue? There's a $50 difference between the two. The only things I can find on the website are the following low distortion, low noise and signal to noise values. I have no idea...
  5. Muybien04

    NGD - Bird Bird

    Picked up this Anuenue M100 on a little bit of an impulse. It appears to be brand new, was listed online for about 1/3 of the MSRP at electronic bay. Spruce top, mahogany back and sides. Back appears to be a single piece, there's a nice binding that's super subtle with thin black trim. The...
  6. Muybien04

    Rebel Invictus

    Looks like a new Rebel Tenor model quietly dropped this week. A tenor with a cedar top and tabaek back and sides. Interesting wood combination that I hadn't heard of before - however it's not new to Rebel. HMS has this video of a previous Rebel NEO (Not Even Original) 2 model with the same...
  7. Muybien04

    CLOSED - Pluto Inbound!

    Looking for either an: Anuenue Moonbird Tenor - had one, sold it, regret it OR Rebel Particle Tenor. OR Rebel Pluto Shipped to 63011
  8. Muybien04

    Anuenue Moonbird Tenor

    Pains me to do this but I have to sell my Anuenue Moonbird Tenor. In perfect shape, new Anuenue strings on it. $1200 shipped. Pics:
  9. Muybien04

    FS: Rebel Mango Super Concert (Double Cream)

    Buyer had an unexpected bill come up so this is back up for sale. Packed and ready to go, SOLD out the door. More photos:
  10. Muybien04

    FS: Rebel Spalted Mango Super Concert (Double Cream)

    FS: Rebel Figured Mango Super Concert (Double Cream) hey everyone, The guitar bug has bitten and there is one available right now that only works of i sell this ukulele. I absolutely don't want to sell this so im kind of hoping that the guitar sells first. For sale is here a Rebel Mango...
  11. Muybien04

    Who has a Moon Bird tenor?

    OK people I'm looking for someone that meets the following criteria: 1. Has an Anuenue Moon Bird Tenor 2. Prefers/uses the Anuenue Blackwater strings 3. Your moon bird has a serial number ending in "4" like mine If you hit all three, please let me know, post a pic of your serial number and I...
  12. Muybien04

    More Theory Questions

    Hey everyone, I know there are a number of music theory posts here. But there is so much it can be a bit overwhelming. I consider myself to be an advanced beginner. I can play and cover most songs I try (as long as I have tabs) and am currently finishing up james hills duets for one. I can't...
  13. Muybien04

    Anuenue AirAir

    So I tried searching but I can't seem to find anyone with direct feedback on this pickup. I saw one thread referenced that a friend had one and constantly battled feedback with the mic. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Or any experience? May be a moot point as I don't even see it...
  14. Muybien04

    [WTS] Vtab FSC-25 Solid Mahogany Concert

    For sale is my first ever ukeulele, the Vtab FS-C25, all solid mahogany concert sized ukulele, and winner of the prestigious uke brand of the year in 2017 from Baz. Wow! Now I know what youre thinking, is this the one Baz played in his videos? No it is not. But it looks like the one he played...
  15. Muybien04

    [WTS] Koaloha Opio Spruce Tenor

    For sale is a August 2018 built Koaloha Opio Spruce top tenor qith acacia back and sides. I've had this less than a month after getting in a trade here on the forum. Its a great instrument and I really love the apruce top. But I'm trying to fund a Moonbird purchase so selling this would help me...
  16. Muybien04

    [WTB] higher-ish tenor

    Curious what is out there that maybe you've thought of rehoming but just havent pulled the trigger on selling. I'm looking specifically tenor neck options. Anuenue Moonbird Rebel Particle Rebel Quark Rebel Cheesecake (Super concert, slimline) Koaloha Pineapple Sunday (spruce preferred)...
  17. Muybien04

    Anyone else with a Rebel Mango?

    I have a Rebel Double Crem that I really like but I think I need to find some new strings. I've been using oasis clear fluros, and after like a month of so they just sound dead to me. I have the same on my KTM-00 and they seem to do great there. Just not getting as much sustain and tone at least...
  18. Muybien04

    Hey from the Midwest

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. I've been playing guitar off and on for a few years and recently picked up the ukulele. It's been a lot of fun so far! I've definitely found my comfort zone in the concert and tenor size. I picked up some books: Ukulele Jazz, Duets...
  19. Muybien04

    FS: Eden Origin Tenor (WoU brand)

    FS/FT: Eden Origin Tenor with pick up (WoU brand) Sold, thanks! Hey everyone, I have for sale an Eden Origin Tenor electric with case. I'm asking SOLD shipped lower 48, I will cover PayPal fees and yes this includes the hardcase. This is a solid cedar top, liminate sides with a wood inlay...
  20. Muybien04

    WTB Long Neck Concert, possibly tenor

    I'm looking for a long neck concert preferably but possibly a tenor. It's tough not being able to hold and play ukes beforehand so im looking at what's out there and maybe just go off of price. I know you can get sounds from videos but there is something to holding and feeling the action. I'm...